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How to Declutter and Clean Your Office



A tidy, decluttered workspace is shown to increase productivity. Everyone has things lying around the house. If you work from home, this is especially true and even harder to manage as your home items tend to run over into your workspace. 

When you have more items surrounding you than needed you tend to feel stress and overwhelm. This is shown to lower productivity. Lower productivity means it is taking you longer to get the job done. If you take the time to declutter and clean your office, you increase productivity which in turn gives you more free time. Here are some great tips from Maids 2 Match Mckinney TX:

  • Remove Items That Do Not Belong in an Office
  • Sort Items Into Categories
  • Make Use of Tech Options

Remove Items That Do Not Belong in an Office

It may be tempting to toss random items in your drawers and forget about their existence, but it’s essential to reserve your drawers for important work-related things. Home offices often become the room wherein people store items they don’t know what to do with, unfortunately. 

If you cannot move these items into another room, it is especially important to label the drawers with these items so they are not mistaken for important work items. 

Sort Items Into Categories

So you have purged all of the unnecessary items, now lets get to categories. There is not one “right” way to do this. You will want to start by thinking about your day. You need the categories to make sense to you and your work flow. 

You may consider having different sections for each of your clients. Or you may consider sorting documents according to areas such as marketing and finance. Starting by sorting items with commonalities will help you decide on categories to sort into.  

Make Use of Tech Options

If you are not tech-savvy this may be a hard jump. The tech world can seem scary but it will significantly reduce the clutter in your office. 

Sign up for a cloud storage service, such as Google Drive, to back up your documents. You will be able to access your documents from any internet source, so no need to even keep those hard copies. 

You could even look at incorporating G-Suite or another project management platform into your routine. This would further reduce the clutter in your workspace by moving it all online. 

Daily Maintenance

At this point, your office space should be decluttered and be ready to serve you in a more productive manner. If you don’t maintain the cleanliness things may revert to how they were before you started decluttering. Therefore, you will want to do these things daily:

  • Handle items as soon as they hit your desk, do not allow them to pile up. 
  • Set time aside weekly to empty your inbox. 
  • Clear your desk daily, return any dishes to the kitchen, and toss any trash.

On the one hand, if your company has a budget that can be allotted to maintain the cleanliness of your entire workplace, you may want to consider hiring a cleaning services franchise to provide you top notch and professional cleaning service.

Final Thoughts

That is is, you have won the battle against the clutter in your home office. By following these steps you have given yourself a more productive space in turn giving yourself more free time. Take time each day to maintain the cleanliness of your space.

Sarfaraz Khan
Sarfaraz Khan

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