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Today, live events are more popular than ever, and with more digital connections, the desire for people to meet one-on-one continues to grow stronger. However, people only attend live events that are meaningful and worth their time. An event that doesn’t resonate with people is a waste of time and resources for the organizer.

On the other hand, a meaningful event is affordable for the organizer and benefits the audience, hence a win-win situation. Organizing the perfect live event is not easy, even if there is a niche market for the company. Vendors, sponsors and viable attendees all play a part in the success of a live event.

Luckily, hosting the perfect live event doesn’t have to be a task with these actionable tips.

Prep the venue adequately

You have to prepare your venue before any attendee shows up and ensure everything is set for the live event. Planning goes a long way and ensures you don’t have to keep running around at the last minute to get critical things. You should arrive early with your team and get everything ready.

Here is a checklist you can use:

  • Arrange the furniture, including the registration tables and seats and organize the seating arrangement.
  • Use decor relevant to the event to decorate the venue.
  • Test the live equipment, including microphones, audio and other IT devices, to ensure they function well.
  • Set up your fabric exhibition stands and other materials from your sponsors, including banners and posters.
  • Ensure that the refreshments are in place.
  • Prep the stage and ensure all the props speakers and performers may need are in place.

Afterwards, walk through the venue to ensure everything is in place and brief your team on their assigned duties.

Oversee guest registration

When hosting a live event, it is advisable to have a team manning the entry and performing other tasks like registering new arrivals, scanning their tickets, giving them name tags or serving them refreshments.

Ensure that the ticket scanners are well set up and everything works as desired to avoid time wastage. Remember to check your guest list and compare it with how many people have arrived to adjust your staffing accordingly.

Encourage participation

In most cases, a live event is centered around audience participation. With people having short attention spans nowadays, it is easy to plan a live event only to have people glued to their phones the whole time or constantly checking their watches. To avoid that, ensure the program is planned around audience interaction.

You might consider a Q&A session at the end of a speaker’s speech or incorporate interactive quizzes during presentations and marketing-led gift ideas. You can arrange for a friendly competition among your guests or designate some areas with activities that the guests can engage in while walking around the venue.

While at it, do not forget your virtual participants. Allow your virtual attendees to experience the event by live streaming it on Facebook, Instagram, or other relevant social media platforms.

Encourage social media shares

During a live event is the perfect time to take advantage of social media shares. It gives you an ideal chance to create a buzz about your event through hashtags. Come up with a hashtag and ask your attendees to use it when posting pictures and videos of the event on social media.

For instance, tweeting questions with an attached hashtag provides an easier way to sort through them. Another excellent idea is to have a photo booth with your event name and hashtag in visible words. When attendees take pictures at the booth, they promote your event by posting them on social media.

Collect ongoing feedback

This is not the last live event you are hosting, and you need feedback to make the next one better. Use the chance to ask for feedback from your attendees and the performers. Although you can get feedback by using a post-event survey, it helps to hear from the horse’s mouth regarding your live event and brand.

As the event unfolds, people’s feelings about it are fresh in their minds, and this is an excellent time to get genuine impressions and feedback. You may also choose to socialize with your guests and pick their thoughts as you make small talk.

The takeaway

After the event, remember to thank or reward your team for a job well done and pat yourself on the back. If you experience a setback, do not be discouraged because that means you are learning.

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