Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 : All you need to know

Korean dramas and series like Arthdal Chronicles(Season 4) are very popular nowadays, and teenagers and adults are used to them. After the Japanese animations, the Korean drama “Orthodox Chronicles” took second place. The series has an impact on both children and adults.

We all are addicted to them, the more we watch them, and the more we yearn for them.

Table of Contents 

  • Season 4 Arthdal Chronicles: All you need to know
  • Introduction to Arthdal Chronicles
  • Background of Arthdal Chronicles
  • Overview of the seasons
  • Season 1: The Children of Prophecy
  • Season 2nd & 3rd: The Sky Turning Inside Out
  • Will there be season 4 of Arthdal Chronicles?
  • At the END
  • FAQS
  • Did they cancel Arthdal ​​Chronicles 4th season?
  • Do Arthdal Chronicles be discontinued?
  • How many seasons are expected?
Arthdal Chronicles Season 4

Introduction to Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal Chronicles is a South Korean television series of 2019 written by Kim Young-Hyun and Park Sang-Yeon and directed by Kim Won-Seok produced by Studio Dragon and KPJ, starring Jang Dong-gun.

The story takes place during the Bronze Age and is loosely based on the story of Dangun, the founder of the first Korean kingdom in Gojoseon. The series was broadcast on tvN from June 1 to September 22, 2019, on Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 KST for 18 episodes. It has been shown worldwide on Netflix.

Background of Arthdal Chronicles

Before talking about the fourth season, it is better to summarize the previous series. This will help the reader to understand the background and the story better. It’s been a long time since the last season ended (3rd season), and it’s normal to forget some important details of the story, which is helpful in the drama and here is a review of the story of the last three seasons.

The article is free from spoilers because there is no intention to spoil the enthusiasm of the readers. In that case, you don’t have to worry about disturbing alerts, and these Arthdal Chronicles are not included in Season 4. You will be able to follow the story with very little hassle.

Here’s a quick overview of the three previous seasons. The story takes place in a mythical place called Arth. The drama develops with episodes of romance and struggle experienced by the Arth residents. Eun-Seom is the main character of the series as he struggles desperately to save his tribe from the clutches of those in power and discover his true territories. At the same time, he discovers his real areas and why he has existed with strength and prominence over the years.

Overview of the seasons 

Before jumping to 4th season, let us catch some glimpse of the drama

Season 1: The Children of Prophecy

The first is Eun-Seom, who was born in the land of Arthdal as a cursed child, the curse that carried with him and made him miserable and destructive to the people of Arthdal. In the beginning, his mother struggled to save him and Arth from the misfortune that he was causing them.

Then there was Tan-ya, a girl who, too, was born with the same curse. However, this time things have changed a bit because she is not an ordinary resident of Arthdal like Eun-seom. Instead, she was the heir to one of the “Wahan” tribes. While he is also facing difficulties, her goal is to become a sensible and strong politician of the tribe.

The last of the main characters is Ta-Gon, a brave young warrior serving as the legendary war hero of Arthdal. His only wish is to become the first king of Arthdal.

However, it is not easy, he faces many difficulties to achieve his goals, yet everything seems far beyond its reach. He has been instrumental in making Arthdal a prosperous place. He is known as the strongest man in Arthdal. Although many people love him, let me tell you he’s against the series, so don’t take any good from him.

Season 2nd & 3rd: The Sky Turning Inside Out

In the second season, Ta-Gon is fighting for the throne. However, two other rivals, Kim Ji One and Kim Ok Bin, are waiting for the same job. Thus, the second season’s story revolves around a contest between three opponents while covering the story of both Eun-Seom and Tan-ya, who are struggling to bring peace to Earth.

I think that’s enough information for you about the last three seasons of the Arthdal Chronicles, and you shouldn’t know too much because if you haven’t seen the previous episodes yet, it will ruin all your suspense.

Will there be season 4 of Arthdal Chronicles?

Now let’s move on to our main topic, will there be season 4 of the Arthdal Chronicles or not? And if so, why hasn’t the release date been announced yet?

Once the third season was over, people’s curiosity for the fourth season peaked and eventually, rumours spread that there would be no more. However, they quickly dispelled all the rumour confusion by saying there would be a fourth season. And why not there? But, of course, you can’t expect the directors to leave the whole story in the middle because you’ll remember that season three ended without answering most of its questions, so the directors are sure to have another season. The story ended without answering many of the questions. There has been more to be revealed.

At the END

Now that all the important details about Arthadal Chronicles of season 4 have been collected, it’s time to settle for a plot layout with clear details and additions. It’s nice to wait so long for Season 4 to come out, and trust me, the wait has been long and the best. However, while you wait, you will enjoy the fruits of this episode with joy and fun. With the anticipated announcement of the fourth season of Orthodox Chronicles, the filmmakers can give us their best surprise at any time.

FAQS About Arthdal ​​Chronicles 4th season

Do they keep making Arthdal ​​ Chronicles seasons?

There will surely be the fourth season. The makers of the Arthdal ​​Chronicles have announced Season 4 because they can’t leave the story in the middle and the suspense. However, the makers have already begun filming with production, and it will be released anytime in 2021 on Netflix.

Did they cancel Arthdal ​​Chronicles 4th season?

According to sources, the fourth season of Chronicle Arthdal Chronicles was released in July 2020. But filming did not start due to the outbreak of the COVID-19. Therefore, in June 2020, production was officially rescheduled for filming. That is why makers have been silent about its new seasons and other details.

Did Arthdal Chronicles be discontinued?

After the third season of Arthdal Chronicles, viewers are eagerly awaiting the fourth season. Last year, 2020, filming for the show was about to begin, but the coronavirus has changed the entire scenario. Therefore, we have to wait a good time until the situation does not return to normal.

How many seasons are expected?

This South Korean series had a huge impact on viewers. So viewers are always excited to see their new episodes. This show has a huge fan base, and people are crazy to watch it on Netflix. Its first season contains six episodes. The second season was released in June 2020, and the third season on September 7. However, no official announcement has been made for the Arthdal 4 season.


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