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Psalm 91 and God’s Care Over Your Life

psalm 91

Psalm 91 may be meaningful. From the start, we see that whoever takes refuge in God and makes God his house is under the protection of the Almighty. Contrary to what many might imagine, having an open Bible on Psalm 91 offers no protection. the sole thing that may guarantee that protection has a private relationship with God and an in-depth and trusting relationship.

Psalm 91 explained

He who dwells within the shelter of the foremost High takes refuge within the shadow of the Almighty.

I enlighten the Lord: “You are my refuge, my strength, the God in whom I trust.” Only he can free you from the traps of a constellation and deadly plagues, for he will cover you along with his feathers, and under his wings, you may find refuge. His faithfulness is going to be your shield and Buckler! You’ll not fear the phobia of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the plague that stalks within the shadows nor the plague that destroys at noon. 

A thousand may fall to your left, and ten thousand to your right, but it’ll not affect you. You’ll only open your eyes wide, to determine the wicked receive what they deserve. Since you have put the Lord for your refuge, the foremost High for your protection, no evil will befall you, no calamity will come to your home. Because he will order his angels to look over you all told your ways. With their own hands, they’ll lift you so you do not trip over any stone. you’ll crush the lion and also the viper; you may step beasts and snakes! 

I will free him because he welcomes me; I’ll protect it because it recognizes my name. He will appeal to me, and that I will answer him; I will be able to be with him in moments of anguish; I’ll free him and fill him with honors. I will be able to fill him with a few years of life and that I will make him enjoy my salvation.

In verse 4 the psalmist says that God will protect that person under his “wings.” God himself, when he inspired this Psalm, wanted to demonstrate all the love, tenderness, and protection that those that trust him to have. within the same way, God reveals his strength: He’s a shield that protects.

This Psalm 91 interpretation is that it’s stuffed with promises of blessings and protection for the one who trusts within the Lord. you wish not to fear “the terror of the night” or disease or danger. Then verse 10 says that may not happen any bad or no disaster will come to your home. This doesn’t mean that you just will never encounter difficulties or problems. It implies that when someone trusts within the Lord, even bad things bring him closer to God. the best calamities and even death itself, bring us closer to the eternal inheritance in Christ Jesus. All things work together for the great of these who love God 

God responds God cares, God blesses those that make him their shield. He even sends his angels to serve us.

But don’t think that by reciting this Psalm or having a Bible open on this page there’ll be some mystical power which will change your life. What is going to change your life forever is that you simply board the shelter of the Lord. You want to make your range in God. Believe Jesus! The Holy Ghost will dwell in you and thus you’ll be able to dwell within the shelter of the foremost High. you’ll dwell in God!


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