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Arthdal Chronicles Season 3 Review

Arthdal Chronicles, a South Korean TV series, is very popular. Kim Won-Seok created the series, and Kim Young-Hyun wrote the script. The famed Studio Dragon has helped Arthdal Chronicles reach their highest heights. The audience was eagerly awaiting for the Arthdal Chronicles Season 3 after first two seasons.

After the success of the first and second seasons, the series received higher viewership, love, appreciation, and demands of fans, directors, and producers are going towards Arthdal Chronicles season 3. if you have watched previous seasons of Arthdal Chronicles, you must have an idea of the worth of watching Arthdal Chronicles season 3.


Arthdal Chronicles season 3: The intro to all legends has six episodes, duration 1h.20 aired on tv every Saturday and Sunday, initially present at Netflix minutes. 

Here is an overview of Arthdal Chronicles season 3. Ta Gon is now sitting top upon his throne after Part I and II. However, his life and throne now are at risk when Eun Seom starts to gain power among the peasants and slaves of Arth fights back against the elite. At the same time as Ta Gon has stored his 1/2-Neanthal historical past mystery from the relaxation of the world, his eyes are red and he is prepared to combat Eun Seon. While Talha is beneath death threats from an unknown enemy, Tanya struggles with adapting to her newfound power at Arthdal.

  • Review on previous seasons

Arthdal Chronicles’ first season is about a mythical land called Arth. It was located during the Bronze Age. To gain the land’s powers, the people who lived in the old city of Arthdal faced many obstacles. This tale shows us how power struggles can be overcome and gives us fantastic love stories. Eun-Seom, played by Song Joong-Ki, goes through many hardships and struggles to bring his lost tribe back to life. He discovers his true identity and origins during this entire process.

  • Critical view 

Mixed reviews were received for the drama. Game of Thrones fans was critical of the drama’s similarities to that series. It is similar to other films that focus on foreign fantasy and movies set in ancient times. The storyline is slow and can cause viewers to lose interest. The historical setting of the drama, which is set in the Bronze Age, left viewers bewildered. However, cast members were seen wearing armour or weapons that are not from that period.

  • Writer Park Sang-Yeon views 

The drama, on the other hand, was highly praised for its unique setting and intriguing storyline. It touched on topics such as the meaning of a nation, an alliance, and a tribe, as well as religion.

Park Sang-Yeon, a writer, said that she wouldn’t examine our series to [ Game of Thrones] as it’s now not my intention to create something comparable. I wouldn’t declare to do the same as the show, and it would not look like the perfect comparison. He said, “We attempted developing a remarkable series through constructing an imaginary world of our personal imagination. I’m hoping you enjoy our series because it stands.”

Awards and nomination

Arthdal Chronicles was nominated in many awards and won some outstanding awards, as given below.

  1. In 2018 Korea First brand awards in category most anticipated drama of 2019.
  2. In 2019 Arthdal Chronicles actor won Asia artist awards in category actor of the year.
  3. The same year another actor won award too 9th Korean wave awards in the category cultural tourism
Awards and nomination


The series received lower than expected viewership ratings in comparison to its massive budget. However, the series’ first episode received ratings at 6.7 percent and peaked at 8 percent. Its fourth episode scored an average rating of 7.71% nationwide. This was an increase of 1.3 percent from the previous night. The episode reached 8.9 percent nationally. But here we are talking about Arthdal Chronicles season 3 gaining a tremendous amount of love and appreciation from and every episode or Arthdal season 3 received above 8.4 out of 10 IMDB rating.

When was season 3 of Arthdal chronicles released on Netflix?

When was season 3 of Arthdal chronicles released on Netflix?

The premiere of Season 1, titled “The Children Of Prophecy”, was June 1, 2019. It has 6 episodes. It was renewed for a second season shortly after its initial release. In a very short time, the show gained popularity. Season 2, titled “The Sky Turning Inside Out and Rising Land”, was released on June 22. Finally, season Arthdal chronicles 3 was released on September 7.

Was Arthdal Chronicles Cancelled?

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has had serious consequences for the entertainment industry. Due to travel restrictions and worldwide lockdown, most of the series was cancelled and many movies delayed. According to our information resources, the 4th season will not be released until 2021.

Where can I watch Arthdal Chronicles 3?

Is there part 4 of Arthdal Chronicles?

There will be season 4 of Arthdal Chronicles as Season 3 begins with Tanya feeling overwhelmed by the lavish reception Arthdal offers her. She demands that Tagon and Taehella honour their promises. Season 4 will likely continue Season 3. The power struggle at Arthdal will dominate it.


Is Arthdal Chronicles season 3 for children too?

It is worth watching for children and teenagers too. Because the absence of nudity and sex scenes .

Arthdal Chronicles Season 4: Renewal Or Cancellation?

The Arthdal Season 4 announcements were not made. This show is not over, however; The show is a huge success in both Korea and the West. We can therefore expect a renewal. We will have to wait until official announcements. However, we can anticipate that the show’s new season will be available by the end of 2021.

Any change in Arthdal Chronicles Season 4: The Cast And The Stars?

There has not been an announcement about this. We know that Arthdal Chronicles Season 4 will feature the same stars as previous seasons. It will include Song Joong Ki, Jang Donggun, Kim Jiwon, Kim Ok-Bin. All those who are not aware:

  • Song Joong Ki is most well-known for his role in the pan-Asia hit drama, ‘Descendants of the Sun.’
  • Jang Dongguan is well-known for his ‘Friend’, ‘Taegukgi ‘and ‘Taegukgi’.
  • Kim Ji-won appeared in “The Heirs”, “Descendants of the Sun”, and “Fight for My Way”.
  • Kim Ok-Vin’s ‘Thirst” is a well-known name.

We hope you enjoyed reading this review post about Arthdal Chronicles Season 3.


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