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How to make a human in little alchemy 2?


Humans are among the most important elements of Little Alchemy 2. So definitely you are, and we will not disappoint to guide you to make a human in little alchemy step by step.

Just like the first version of little alchemy 2, you can make humans by different combinations, and we are to guide you on how to make a human in little alchemy 2.

As we talked about the first version of alchemy, the alchemist can only have about 500 items in the library, but little alchemy 2 is an updated version, so you have more to enjoy nearly 700 items in the library.

To make a human a little alchemy 2, you have to go through different steps, and by making other things, you will finally be able to make a human in little alchemy 2.

First, players have to make clay, and this clay can be obtained by passing through 3 different steps, and the fourth step will be to make clay in little alchemy 2. Then start steps to make life in little alchemy 2, after these steps you can make a human in little alchemy 2.

Here are different steps to make a human in little alchemy 2

  1. Air + Air = Pressure
  1. Earth + Pressure = Stone
  1. Water + Earth = Mud
  1. Mud + Stone = Clay

Follow steps to make life and the to make a human in little alchemy 2

  1. Water + Water = Puddle
  1. Water + Puddle = Pond
  1. Water + Pond = Lake
  1. Water + Lake = Sea
  1. Fire + Earth = Lava
  2. Lava + Sea = Primordial Soup
  1. Earth + Lava = Volcano
  1. Volcano + Primordial Soup = Life

Finally, your wait is end.

  • Life + Clay = Human

Yes, you are thinking right that it’s such a lengthy process to reach your final destination, but we also found other methods to make a human in little alchemy 2 for there is need of humans themselves like, animal + tool = human. 

In its alternative, players go through different steps to find unique items like time, then time + animal to make a human in little alchemy.

  1. Clay + Life = Human
  1. Animal + Time = Human
  1. Animal + Tool = Human
  1. Monkey + Time = Human
  1. Monkey + Tool = Human

Here are many contradictions to make a monkey in little alchemy 2 for that, and we have to go through many steps, so surely you will get this in our separate article on it.

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What you can we make from humans in little alchemy 2?

Humans can be used to make many items in little alchemy 2. We are just a few here to enhance your knowledge.

  • Human + Wolf = Werewolf
  • Human + Blood = Vampire
  • Human + Elixir of Life = Deity
  • Human + Faerie = Changeling
  • Human +Dough=Bakers
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