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automate your tests

With each delay in the QA process, your product is delayed to the market, reducing the potential audience size. If you have failed to achieve your delivery date, you have certainly missed the chance to impress your potential customers with quality software products.

Time is of the essence in the Agile and DevOps environment as these methodologies are used to reduce time to the market. So, if a competitor launched their software product before yours, chances are high that you have already lost the game.

Thus, staying ahead of time is crucial and automation testing services like those offered by a devops-as-a-service provider can be the best option.

Best Practices for Test Automation

With an optimized automated test suite, you can never be second! But past experience tells us that there is more to automation than just speed.

Automation brings more reliable and consistent results, and faster than human testers can test, but it should be accurate. Automated test suites will not only get you into the market quicker but also maintain your reputation for being the best.

Following are three best practices for test suite automation:

1. Investing Time in Test Planning and Strategy

Sparing enough time in the first and foremost stage of planning is crucial to test automation success. The aim is to design and deliver software applications quickly to the end-users.

Testers can do their best by investing the right amount of time in defining test planning and test strategy. A test strategy is a document that states the standards and best practices each team member should follow throughout a project.

It lists down the security protocols, reporting schedules, report metrics, environment specifications, and the roles of all stakeholders. So if you own a startup, it is advised that you consult a QA expert to draft the test plan and test strategy that will be used in all future projects (with slight variations based on specific requirements, of course).

2. The Right Blend of Manual and Automated Testing

If your main objective is to get your software app to the market first, all processes should be as efficient as possible. But do not mistake this and assume that all tests in your test suite will be automated.

Experience has proved that speed should not just be the first priority. A skilled human tester can make a difference in achieving a great user experience. Companies often overlook this factor, which is not beneficial in the long-run.

Manual testing has its own advantages and there are many test modules that need to be written by experts as they accurately represent the user experience. Otherwise, it will just be a waste of time and money. Thus, an automation testing company can be hired for manual and automated tests to make the most out of the testing efforts.

3. Leveraging the Right Tools

There are plenty of automation tools in a suite, but experts can help you choose the one that fits best for your requirements. One size never fits all, thus only experienced and skilled testers can help in picking the tool for your software products.

In case, you are outsourcing your QA process, you need to rely on an automation testing company to use tools that fit best to your business.


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