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The Perfect Way to Start Your Dental Practice!

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Getting ready to open the doors for your first day can cause a whole jumble of emotions – excitement, anticipation, anxiety, doubt – that first day will see you running the gambit!

You can help to banish those pesky negative emotions by working with high-quality dental suppliers who will provide you with the machines, tools, medical-grade implements, disposables, and daily necessities needed to get your dental practice off to the perfect start!

What Essentials Should a Practice Have on Hand?

Before you can start treating patients or providing services, you need the right tools for the job. This, naturally, includes the right level of safety equipment (for both staff and patients), the materials to perform the process/es, and the ability to do a proper cleanup afterward as part of your infection control protocols.

Some tools will need disinfecting and cleaning before reuse; others will be single-use only – and you’ll need sufficient and correct disposal options for these (such as a sharps box for used needles).

Some of the daily disposable supplies you should expect to use the most will include:

  • PPE for Staff (Gloves, Aprons, Face Masks)
  • PPE for Customers (Seat Coverings, Bibs, Eye Shields)
  • Operational Tools (Tongue Depressors, Swabs, Needles, Filling Materials, Moulding and Casting Materials, cottonwool balls)
  • Cleaning Supplies (Disinfectant sprays and wipes, paper towels, trays, tissues)

As you see more patients, the number of supplies you use will naturally go up, and there will be more disposable items you’ll need to remove from the premises regularly.

It’s a good idea to look into eco-friendly and recyclable options (where possible) to meet any Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals that you’ve set for the company or that potential clients will be expecting from you.

Finding a supplier that offers ‘green’ alternatives that still offer the highest quality (and value for money) is a great way to handle this element of modern business.

What Should You be Looking for in a Dental Supplier?

You’re going to want to balance cost-effectiveness with quality. Working with a well-established company that’s been around long enough to understand what you need, how much of it you’ll need, and when you’ll need it will be a massive time saver and stress reducer.

By minimising the number of suppliers you have to deal with and being able to obtain everything you need in one place, you can reduce:

  • Shipping costs
  • Ordering times
  • Delivery times
  • Customer Service and Contacting Supplier times

Have a look at what people are saying about the different suppliers, what their reputation is, how well their products perform, and what sort of prices they’re charging.

Why Do the Supplies Need to be Carefully Sourced?

Finding the right dental supplies is extremely important; you can only perform your procedures and services as well as the skill level of your staff and the quality of the materials you’re using.

Dental practices have several legal, ethical, and moral obligations – and officially set standards that must be met to remain licensed and allowed to practice.

Sourcing dental supplies that meet these legal standards, and provide the highest quality, is an absolute essential.

People aren’t shy about telling others when they’ve had a bad experience; you see it on social media all the time (‘Name and Shaming’ companies or individuals) – your reputation is only as good as your last review, and if you’re not utilising the best quality products – you’re setting yourself up for complaints.

Where Should I Look to Get the Best Dental Supplies?

Kent Express Dental Supplies have been providing high-quality dental solutions for the last 40 years. Founded in 1982, they are now the UK’s largest mail-order dental supplier; and provide practices across the nation with everything from daily disposables and tools, small equipment and dental uniforms to world-leading brands and high-tech machinery.

With finance options available, as well as repairs and maintenance guides provided for some of their most popular products, Kent Express offers a comprehensive selection that covers everything your dental practice might need.

What About Health & Safety and Hygiene Products?

Keeping your dental practice clean and safe and maintaining infection control protocols is extremely important – and Kent Express are committed to helping you manage this.

There is a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as gloves, aprons, face masks, and visors, as well as dental cleaning products such as sterilisation supplies, disinfectant wipes, soaks and dips.

You’re sure to find what you need to keep you, your staff, and your patients safe as you work.


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