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8 Best Domain Name Generators To Have a Brandable Domain Name

A domain name is like an easy-to-remember internet address for your website. Generally, a website’s address is in the form of a long string of numbers called an IP address. For example, “” This IP address points to To make it easy to access Google, we use instead of the long string of numbers, i.e., the IP address.

A domain consists of two parts:

  1. TLD (top-level domain)    
  2. SLD (second-level domain)

Let’s continue with the example,

In this domain example, google is known as the SLD (second-level domain), and .com is called the TLD (top-level domain).

A domain could also mean a group of resources assigned to a group of individuals. So for sharing a domain, the domain needs to be specified when mapping a network computer or drive.

But since we are talking about the internet domain, we will continue this article in that context.

Why Are Domain Names Important

Domains are important for your website because they add credibility to your website and adds a much needed professional look. There are options for using a FREE ISP, but with those FREE ISP, you will have your website URL that looks like Having such a domain will impact the credibility of your website in the eyes of your readers.

Having your domain name is very important for the following reasons:

  • The domain name will become a brand and will attract more readers and potential customers
  • A proper domain name that suits your site idea might just put you ahead of your competitors
  • Having a registered domain name will enable you to transfer your website data seamlessly between various hosts.

The conclusion to this argument of why domain names are important is that the domains that you register can help you generate a lot of traffic and attract your readers. And with domains where a lot of thought has been put behind them, they stick in your customer’s mind, and when anything related to your website’s niche comes to their mind, your website is the first one to come in their mind. So yes, having a properly registered domain is very crucial for any website on the internet.

Where to Buy Domain Names

Purchasing domain names requires you to deal with domain name registrars. Domain name registrars are online entities or companies that manage domains. You can buy your preferred domains from such domain name registrars.

Domain name registrar is accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which holds the responsibility to manage the domain name system.

Almost all domain registrars come with the same set of features and make it easy to purchase and renew your domain names. Also, the pricing is often similar, but few domain registrar companies offer huge introductory discounts.

Best domain name registrars

  3. 1and1

We will compare a few of the best domain name registrars that are available to the public:

General Archives - Namecheap Blog

Namecheap is a popular domain name registrar that many internet marketers recommend using. The website is easy to use, and their domain management page is very well-known. The domain names are reasonably priced, and their domain services include a free DNS service and WHOIS protection. You can also buy SSL encryption to increase the security of your website. Visit their website and check out their pricing.

GoDaddy Earns Perfect Score on Human Rights Campaign's 2022 Corporate  Equality Index for Fourth Consecutive Year

GoDaddy is one of the oldest domain and hosting providers. GoDaddy offers great introductory offers, and you buy domains for as cheap as $0.99.

However, the biggest problem with GoDaddy that most of their users complain about is a clustered website. The constant upsells of other products and services are a real turnoff. Visit their website and check out their pricing.

  • 1and1
IONOS 1&1 WordPress Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

1and1 is another domain registrar that’s been around for a long time. 1and1 currently manages around 19 million domains around the world. And you can buy a domain for a very cheap price of $0.99 and like with other domain name registrars the renewal prices will be higher after a year. Visit their website and check out their pricing.

Best Domain Names Generator

The domain showcases your website and creates a first impression in the readers’ mind. So it is essential that you give a serious thought in deciding your domain. As a pro tip, it is recommended you chose a domain that is easy to remember and is focused on simplicity.

Here are a few tips for selecting your own domain:

  • Avoid the use of special characters like hyphens in your domain.
  • Select your top-level domain according to your needs. If your website is an e-commerce website based only in one specific country, a country-specific TLD is recommended.
  • The domain name should be catchy and one which people find interesting.
  • Avoid numbers as it complicates the domain name.
  • Be careful of spelling mistakes while registering your domain name.
  • The shorter the domain, the easier it is to remember. The magic number is between 50 to 75 characters.

If you need help initially in finalizing your domain name, you can use a domain name generator. Choosing your domain name can be made easy using such domain name generators. Sometimes you come up with really unique ideas, but to your bad luck, the domain is already registered.  In such a case, you have to start thinking from scratch.

But this doesn’t have to be this way. When you start using domain name generators, you are shown a list of domains that are available for registration connected to your domain.

The domain name generators are free to use. The way they make money is when you buy a domain through their link, that is, through affiliate commissions.

So let’s check out the best domain name generators out there. The list is in no particular order, and hence, no domain name generator can be given preference.

8 Best Domain Name Generators

  4. Bust A Name
  5. Instant Domain Search
  7. I Want My Name
  8. Namestall

Undoubtedly one of my most favorite domain name generators. The initial looks like any other domain name generator. But once you enter your keyword, it becomes a magic tool.

At any given time, it can generate 250 to 500 suggestions in a matter of seconds. The results depend on the keyword you have searched for, but still, it is quite fast for the number of suggestions it gives. An additional feature is that it also shows if the suggestion it has shown is available as a username on Twitter.

You can also sort the results by popularity, length, and alphabetical order. You can also choose whether you want your domain to start with your keyword or end with it.

So all in all, it’s a super-powerful domain name generator. Check out Lean Domain Search generator today!


Nameboy claims to be the oldest and the most popular domain name generator. While we can confirm it to be very old, its claim of being the most popular can be argued.

Nameboy is clearly affiliated with BlueHost, and all its domain checks happen with the BlueHost server.

Nameboy is a very basic domain name generator with no options to sort or filter the suggestions. However, the speed at which it shows the suggestions is one of the fastest when compared to other domain name generators. So if you want a basic domain name generator, Nameboy is your go-to domain name generator.

Check for yourself if Nameboy fits your requirement,


Namesh is overloaded with features. It gives you so many options it takes you awhile to get used to the website’s user interface. Just like other domain name generators, you start by searching for your keyword, and it generates a list of suggestions. The suggestions are segregated according to the following categories:

  1. Common
  2. Similar
  3. SEO
  4. MIX
  5. Fun

Namesh also gives you an option to search for your keyword with different domain extensions. You can filter from the extensions like .com, .io, .co, etc.

Go try out Namesh today, and explore the various features it provides,

  • Bust A Name

Bust A Name is a fairly old website. The website’s UI looks outdated. But don’t judge the website on its looks. The website is as useful as the other domain name generators.

Bust A Name generator has two parts:

  1. Domain search
  2. Domain maker

In domain search, you can add your keywords, and the website will come up with domains that are available using multiple keywords. Also, on the right-hand side, you can quickly check whether a domain is available for you.

While the domain maker works on single keywords, you enter a keyword, and after adjusting filters like whether the domain should start or end with your keyword, a list of suggestions is shown in the box below.

Go check out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Instant Domain Search
Instant Domain Search

Unlike other domain name generators, Instant Domain Search is built heavily on ajax. This means you start typing, and the suggestions start coming on the screen. It makes the overall experience faster and enjoyable.

The suggestions can then be sorted according to the available extensions, randomly generated or from domains that are available for sale or are expired.

Instant Domain Search, just like the name suggests, generates suggestions quickly without the need to load the webpage, making the entire process faster.

Try out this generator today,

  • has the oldest user interface I have ever seen in a domain name generator. There is not a lot to talk about this domain name generator as its features are very limited.

You can search for the keyword and can add various grammar words before or after that particular keyword.

The site is very simply built, and it serves the purpose. You can check out this basic website here, impossibility

  • I Want My Name

The different thing about I Want My Name is that it is not affiliated with other domain name registrars. Once you search for your keyword, you only have an option to filter out the domains that are not available.

Since I Want My Name is not affiliated to other domain name registrars, the prices are shown right next to it. So it becomes easier to decide on a domain depending on your budget also.

I want my name will help you with all your domain requirements. You can transfer your previous domains to I Want My Name registrar and enjoy its benefits. I Want My Name also provides you with plugins if you want to set up domains with third-party applications like Google Suite. It makes it easier with one-click integrations with your registered domains.

Check out today and check out all the domain name registrar features in one place.

  • Namestall

Another domain name generator with an outdated user interface. But the reason why Namestall is included in this list is because of the unique domain name generation options it provides.

The site is easy to navigate and provides all the various options to help you come up with a unique name.

Namestall can be considered as an all-in-one domain requirements page. Once you start using Namestall, it is almost certain that you will find the type of domain you are looking for.

We can say this with surety because it has features like the domain name generator, domain name suggestions, instant domain search, dictionary word domain search, three- and four-letter domain search, brandable domains, and so much more.

Give Namestall a try, and I am pretty sure you will enjoy the experience. Visit Namestall today,


Coming up with your domain name that is unique and follows all the best practices of selecting a domain is difficult. If you are planning to buy and sell affiliate blog with a premium domain name, this step becomes very crucial. Domain name generators can mix and match various random words based on your keyword. The right fit of a random word either before or after your keyword can sometimes become a very unique brand name. Also, the feature of instantly checking whether or not the domain name is available to register saves all a lot of time.

We love as it is a perfect fit between all the features that are required to brainstorm new words for our domains.

Among the top 8 domain name generators, find the one that suits your needs. Do let us know if we missed out on your favorite domain name generator. We are curious to know. Cheers!


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