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SSL Certificates – A Powerful Tool for Virtual Authentication

The security you provide to your users and website speaks many unsaid things about your business. How serious you are is one of them. If you wish to stick in the long-run and let your customers revert for some more, it is of high pertinence that you take action and rev up the security quotient. The best and easiest way of doing so is by getting yourself an SSL Certificate. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates offer you the security to your website, ensuring that it is free from the knuckles of hacking.

So how do they do that? To begin with, SSL software encrypts the messages between the web servers and browsers. Then the information is converted into an electronic document that verifies whether the connection has been secured or not. This guarantees that the webserver is ready to be trusted, and the site is secured for user access. Thus, SSL Certificates are deemed to be powerful tools for virtual authentication.

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However, it may seem to some that getting a certificate can cut a massive hole in your pocket. And therefore, refrain from getting these regularly. Luckily enough, you can find your savior at Cheap SSL Coupon Code and not worry about the finance. Cheap SSL Coupon Code is a digital coupon code website. It renders service to the users by finding them SSL certificates, domain names, and web hosting facilities at the lowest price possible.

The prices here are way lesser than the market standard that you will usually find. Additionally, the site will regale you with many gift codes, promo codes, and discount offers on all types of SSL certificates. The prices begin at as low as $4 per year. Further, small and medium scale industries too can avail of this offer and get good riddance from the bulging rates in the market.

Types of SSL Certificates 

One can delve into an eclectic range of certificates for securing their websites from malicious cybercriminal activities. Let’s dive in and see how each of them adds value to the process.

  1. Wildcard SSL Certificate
  2. Multi-Domain SSL Certificate (MDC)
  3. Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)
  4. Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL)
  5. Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)

Wildcard SSL Certificates

This type of certificate is used to create a secured base domain. Buying a single certificate from here is less expensive than buying many single-domain SSL certificates. They are denoted by the symbol of *, which is a part of their common name. This signifies the validity of a subdomain. Further, it will save you a fortune on both time and money and securing your unlimited subdomains. All of these can be achieved with a single certificate!

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

These are known for adding security to up to 100 different domain names and subdomains as well. Aside from this, you can control the SAN, Subject Alternative Name field to alter any of the data whenever needed. Interestingly, you will not require different dedicated IP addresses for the hostnames, which is a plus. Not only that, it becomes hassle-free to reissue and renew a single certificate rather than updating the whole lot.

Unified Communications Certificates

These certificates are validated organizationally and are portrayed as a padlock on a web browser. They are mainly used to provide users with the highest form of assurance through the green address bar. Further, it allows the multiple hostnames to be safeguarded by a single certificate. Some of its other names include Exchange Certificates, or SAN Certificates, etc.

Extended Validation Certificates

These certificates are the best performing of all the certificates. When installed, they will display the HTTPS sign, the name of the business, and the country’s origin in the address bar. As the owner’s vital credentials are shown, this helps protect from malicious sites and attacks. They are mainly used for the high-profile sites that require constant identity assurance like online payments and secured logins.

Domain Validated Certificates

These certificates have lesser assurance, but the validation process required to get the certificate is the least of all the certificates. All the owner has to do is prove domain ownership by reverting to an email notification. On the plus side, this is also the least expensive of all, and you can get it in no time. If you are running a small-scale business and do not have many users coming in every day, this might be the perfect one for you to get.

GeoTrust Wildcard

If you do not wish to take a backseat from providing your visitors with nothing short of excellence, bag yourself a GeoTrust Wildcard SSL Certificate right away. With this, you are assured of achieving the highest level of encryption and protection, that too for a limitless number of subdomains – in just one certificate. Now you are secure all the hostnames with an inexpensive and flexible SSL with up to 256-bit encryption. Further, GeoTrust Wildcard is said to be the internet’s one million most-visited domains. On top of that, it is the largest low-cost SSL brand that strives to deliver perfection.

That’s a Wrap 

This blog has successfully walked you through the nitty-gritty of getting the right certificate for you and your company. Before it is too late and before you are grappling with the malicious, everyday attacks of the cybercriminal acts and hacks, do yourself a favor and get the certificates mentioned above as fast you can, preferably today. 

This will show your customers that you have taken the business on a serious note and that their security means the world to you. Who knows, you might see some users reverting to you with these additional offerings that were missing before. 

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