Why choose Cloud Server Hosting?

Cloud servers have become the trend over the past few years. So many companies, whether they be Amazon, Google, or other small scale companies that we may not even know about, cloud server hosting services. A Cloud is basically a cluster of servers, that can use for storing data or hosting services online, or keeping backups. A Cloud has many other uses other than these, but these are the major ones.

Though there exist many other hosting services that may be suitable for your business, so to understand what suits your business best we’re going to compare Cloud Server Hosting services with some other hosting solutions.

Cloud Server Hosting Compared to Other Hosting Solutions: Differentiation

Shared Web Servers VS Cloud Servers

Shared web servers, as the name suggests, are shared by various users. And Cloud servers are dedicated only to your business.

How you choose between them depends on your business, if you have a small business and you don’t work with sensitive information, then you can choose shared web servers.

But if you own a medium scale or a large scale business and you work with sensitive information, you can choose cloud hosting services.

Cloud hosting services are way more secure as compared to shared web hosting, but hence are more expensive. So, choose accordingly.

Dedicated Server Hosting VS Cloud Server Hosting

So, Dedicated servers are physical servers that use just like cloud servers. Though the biggest difference between them is that Cloud Servers are virtual and dedicated servers are not.

Dedicated servers may be a bit more secure, but they are hard to update and operate. Plus they will stay at one place, so that’s a down point too.

Cloud servers can be operated from anywhere, are usually as secure as dedicated servers, and can be updated easily. So, one more win for cloud servers.

So now you know if cloud servers are made for your business or not. Now let’s see if you are looking at the right cloud service provider for your business or not.

Choose the Right Cloud Server Host

If you are finding a Cloud Server Host, then it better has these characteristics or you’ll pretty much waste your money –

Expert Support

Though using Cloud Servers is easy, everyone needs help sometimes. You may too and your host must be willing to help you.

Thoroughly check if you’ll be getting the help of an expert if you get stuck somewhere with your cloud server experience. Otherwise, you’ll have to hire an outsider to help you, which will cost you a good amount of money.

Personalized Resources

You must be provided with good enough personalized resources to regulate your cloud servers, like a personalized dashboard that can help you regulate your servers well.

Easy Update System

The host must provide you with routine updates. So that you can get all the new features that can ease your experience with your servers. Plus also helping you keep up with your competitors.

Zero Downtime

The servers should be available 24/7, otherwise, it will affect both your business and sales.

The host must be capable enough to keep the servers online for a long time, and even maintenances should not take long as to disturb your visitors.


There are ultimate benefits of cloud computing. Cloud servers are in the trend now, and keeping up with the trends will just help you, not disturb you. The customers now are smart, so they understand what they need and if you can’t provide what they need, you are going to lose a lot.

Bonus : Learn more about what is a cloud computing.


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