Tips to Prevent Car Thefts

Car theft is an old thing but, using the latest technology to steal cars is the newest trend. Surveys show that it has become easier than ever to take somebody else’s car and make it yours or even change it into a different model before reselling it.

So, it is better to be safe than sorry. It could be anything about your car – the colour, the model or even private number plates can attract thieves. Whatever it is, statistics show that these days, cars are even stolen from owners’ residences and parking lots. Let us see how you can be extra careful about your cars.

How to prevent car thefts?

1. Always lock the car

After all these incidents of car thefts, there are still people who do not lock their cars when they get out. Locking your vehicle should be made the priority the moment you get out of the car and close the door behind you.

2. Don’t leave your car running

Never leave your car running even if it is for a few minutes. Thieves are always on a lookout for cars that have engines running. You might be standing right next to your car talking to someone but, this is not a risk worth taking. Always remember to switch off the engine when you are not inside the car.

3. Close the windows

Open windows tempt thieves to check out the inside of the car. Make it a point to close every window and instruct every passenger to ensure this before leaving the car. Even if it is too hot to close them, leaving them open can invite thieves.

4. Be careful about the spare key

Many like to store the spare key under the car, and the thieves very well know this too. Although getting trapped inside a locked car is not a good thing, the possibility of the car getting stolen is even worse.

5. Install GPS tracking system

When your car goes missing, and you are searching for it, the GPS tracking system sends a signal of the vehicle’s location. This helps police find your car faster and without giving time to cause much damage. It is worth investing in a tracking system, especially because such incidents are on the rise.

6. Park in well-lit areas

Poorly lit areas are the best places for car thieves to do their work. So, never park in such sectors that are not immediately seen by passers-by. This also makes it safe for you to exit the car. Remember that thieves usually avoid areas that are visible.

7. Do not leave valuables inside the car

Another thing that attracts attention to your car is keeping valuables on the seat. Take all valuable things when you leave the car or keep it safely in the trunk.

8. Install a vehicle immobilizer system

Thieves know how to hot wire your car to bypass the ignition. You may prevent this by using smart keys or fuel cut-offs. These act as good immobilizers that do not allow your car to start unless the right key is used.

9. Install an alarm system

Vehicle alarm systems are worth an investment because thieves fear to come near cars that are installed with alarms or anti-theft devices. These systems attract the attention of people nearby when they go off.

10. Check the area

Before you park your car, check the area for possible dangers. If you notice somebody loitering around, it is better to find another parking space for the vehicle’s safety. You may also consider looking for places with security guards.

A car is a valuable asset, and it is best to give utmost care to ensure its safety. Most times, it is the carelessness of the owners that leads to car thefts. Keeping in mind the above steps is a good start at being more careful about your vehicle.

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