How To Really Avoid Plagiarism In Essay Writing?

The essay writing process involves a lot of research work and gathering of information. It is only obvious that you will have to dig up several references and support your idea with the same. Plagiarism free essays are those that contain 100% original content.

Reading someone’s work and presenting it in your piece of content has to be done cautiously. If not careful, you may fall into the trap of plagiarism, which can cause serious harm to your grades and reputation.

Understand and write on your own

When you refer to a piece of literature you must understand the context. Find how it can support your argument or theory and write it in your own words. You must not copy phrases or sentences from the reference. Every single vocabulary should come from you. When you go through different sources of information it is only to learn how you can benefit from it. You can look up “who can write my essay?” if you lack the writing skills or ability to research.

Make use of the quote

In case something is of absolute importance to mentionquote it. When you quote it you indicate that the particular text is taken from some source. Both your readers and professor will know. Even if you use a plagiarism tool it will know what is copied and what’s quoted.Plagiarism free essays can include quoted content. It is allowed by the institution and even in publications.

Hold a demarcation for citations

When writing your essay there will be many references that you will come across. Not every reference needs to be cited. Anything that is common or general facts doesn’t need citation. If you are using some material from any of your previous papers or essay then do cite it. Any idea or research you took from a paper you must cite it. Also, any scientific evidence from which you obtained results doesn’t have to be cited. Ask around “who can write my essay?” and get help on essay citations. It will help you draft a polished essay.

Use citation software

You must list all the citations you are referring to. There are several citation software’s available online that can help you manage the citation. Tools like EndNote help you list all the citations with utmost convenience. When you are quoting an idea use several references to back it up and mention each individually in your paper. You readers or professor can always visit the original source if they wish to know more on the subject.

Always use plagiarism checker tools

Plagiarism checkers are savior since the day they became available to students. Initially, Plagiarism free essayswere only possible afterhours of editing and crosschecking. Today it takes only a few minutes to check an essay for any piece of copied content. Plagiarism tools like Grammarly and Turnitin can share the result in seconds. Their premium versions are accurate and they highlight any plagiarized content in your essay. You can simply rephrase the highlighted text and edit it accordingly.

Some tools that you can consider for plagiarism


Mostly preferred by academic institutions, the tool checks the content against webpages, documents, scientific journals, and repositories. The tool is quite popular among scholars and checks around a million documents annually. The user must upload the document manually to check it for plagiarism. You can search “who can write my essay” and approach professionals when in doubt.


Along with grammar checkers, it is also reliable plagiarism software. It is great for scholar students who check whether their work is over cited or not. The free version doesn’t allow checking thus premium version is necessary to access this feature.


It is great for students, teachers, and marketers, or anyone involved in the content business. The tool scans the text and detects any form of plagiarism.


There are serious consequences if your content is plagiarized. It can get you expelled or even worse you will never be allowed to author any academic document again. You will fail your terms and your institution will punish you with other charges as well. Hence it’s of utmost importance that you avoid plagiarism at all costs. Given above are some of the ways in which you can draft plagiarism free essays. Use these tips to process your next essay assignment and never copy any content from anyone else’s work.


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