Proven Marketing Strategies to Market Your On-Demand Application

Proven Marketing Strategies

You have to build your on-demand apps on the latest technology. With all bells and whistles, amazing interface, innovative features. It works flawlessly on all the devices, bug-free and you tested everything, leaving no stone unturned.

You have studied your competition and made it in every way possible that your users love it. But, there is a slight problem here – not slight but a big one.

Nobody is knowing about your app thus no downloads are happening.

It is just not you, but a lot of “appreneurs” encounter the same issue after they launch their on-demand application. Don’t be disheartened. You have an amazing app and you can turn the tables. Yeah, it will take some time but you will

So, we take it from here, you need to understand that marketing your app is equally important. It requires both offline and online marketing to reach out to a wider customer base.

Once the app gets the desired awareness, you will be able to make real money out of it.

To start with, let’s go over the SEO optimization techniques. Our earlier blog on best SEO strategies has offered greater insights of things to keep in mind while developing a multi-service app.

The brief pointers include:

  • Having keyword relevance
  • SEO rich on-demand app description
  • Targeted keywords
  • Creating buzz over social media platforms
  • Getting positive reviews
  • Keeping app updated regularly
  • QR linking
  • App indexing

Taking the above-mentioned SEO optimization pointers can dramatically improve your app awareness, boosting the rankings on the search engines. Apart from these, there are few effective strategies to market your on-demand app.

Your app icon matters the most

People love icons. The first thing that struck people’s minds is the visuals of your app icon. The design of the icon is vital to your on-demand success. Your user might scroll to your app only when he/she likes the icon, the fancy cute icon design clicks and that is how it increases the chances of your app download. Once they become fond of your app, there is no going back.

Not too flashy, simple, and cute app icons can be the best way to win your user’s attention.

Create a separate landing page for it

An engaging landing page for your on-demand app can serve a great purpose. The landing page will look like an online store for your app that will provide only app-related details.

Make it clutter-free, intuitive, matching to your app theme so that your users can find and read all the app-related information. Make sure that you have the “app download” image linked to the app store so that it makes it easy to find the app in the store.

Connecting your users through social media

We all know the potential of social media platforms today. It hardly a day or so to make it viral. However, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, which platform is the best that serves your audience? Know where your target audience is and start posting accordingly.

When posting makes sure to tag and hashtag to make it viral. Reply to your users when they are commenting on the post. Your users feel appreciated, knowing that they are heard.

Most influential social media platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Remember, do not overdo it. The promotions should not irritate your users. Be creative with your posts and engage with your users that urges them to download the app.

Describing and naming your app

One of the primary reasons why apps do not make it is their names and the way they are described. Your app name and description have to be in sync with your app otherwise it is a disaster.

Choose a simple yet connecting name that immediately rings the bell while searching in the App Store/Play Store.

Online marketing your app

There are ample opportunities to pitch your on-demand app using different online marketing techniques such as:

  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Social media
  • Blogs

Have a dedicated marketing strategy for each one of these, spread your word across these channels as they are the most effective and gives you guaranteed results. You will eventually see that a lot of downloads will happen organically.

Promote using images and videos

Visuals are one of the best mediums to get immediate attention from your users. Highlight images related to your app, and talk about one feature at a time that encourages immediate downloads. You can also make a short animated video and post it on various social media platforms to cover the wider reach.

Having a press release is a good idea

What could be the better way to get your on-demand app word out then publishing a press release? Have the soft copy post it on social media and you can run one in the newspaper to get the launch announcement done. An all-inclusive press release will describe everything about the app and how it benefits the users, etc.

Getting help from the influencers

It is a costly idea, but yes it will do wonders in getting more downloads. Influencers have a massive reach, you can leverage this potential by having them on board and talk about your app, basically promoting your app to gain more users.

Offering giveaways and free trials and loyalty programs

Another guaranteed way to boost your app download is offering your users free trials, loyalty programs, referral discounts, and giveaways, etc. Your users will start appreciating the gestures by engaging more with your app. Give them promo codes from time to time so that they will be glued to your app and will share the news with others.

More Awesome Ways to Market an On-demand App

Even though you are trying these marketing tactics, it will be beneficial if you hire an on-demand app marketing agency. They have an expert marketing team that knows what is trending and how to tap your niche market. They have fool-proof marketing strategies that guarantee the results.

Get in touch with a mobile app company to know the ways how to market your on-demand application to experience more downloads hence more revenue.


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