How Students can Make Money Online while Blogging and Writing from Home

What do students mainly do? Read and write!

How Students can Make Money Online From This?

And in today’s age it’s mainly happening in the digital world with online libraries, books and blogs being easily accessible from anywhere with a digital device.

So, what if there was a way for students to use the access they have to knowledge and research to make money online while working from home?

By utilizing one of the most popular blogging platforms WordPressanyone can easily start a blog that helps to build a thriving online presence and earn an income online. To learn how to start a blog with WordPress and grow it, check out the Ultimate Blogging Course at the SeekaHost University for beginners.

While still at university or college this could be a side hustle, but after graduation it could turn into an online business.

Bloggers make money by utilizing their blogs in multiple ways. Some of them are as following:

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Affiliate marketing is an option that most bloggers can look into once their website gets a certain amount of daily traffic as most companies wouldn’t pay a commission otherwise. However, it’s a great opportunity without having to invest anything. Most online e-commerce websites have an affiliate program, like Amazon, Topshop, Flipkart, etc. but depending on the blog niche, there are many other options like service providers such as web hosting companies.

If the blogger promotes the product or service via their blog with an affiliate link and it is purchased by someone through this link, each company pays a commission. It varies and can range from 10% to 40%.

Bloggers can also sign up to Affiliate Window, where they can promote thousands of brands and services.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing options for bloggers in the “Wallet proof Guide to earning a living on the internet” written by Manuela Willbold and Fernando Raymond from ClickDo Ltd.

Sponsored Social Media Posts for Bloggers

Establishing a good presence on social media as a blogger, you can become visible to brands in your niche. Bloggers can earn through sponsored posts on social media by advertising a product or service they use and charging attractive fees per post once they have accumulated a significant number of followers. There are various ways to build a strong following on social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram and you can read more tips and tricks from online marketing experts on the top UK SEO and Digital Marketing Blog.

Write and Sell eBooks

As a clever student you can make money by writing about a topic you currently study or that you are becoming an expert in. With Kindle Publishing and many other free online publishing tools it has never been easier to get an e-book live and sell it also via the blog. This is perfect for generating a passive online income stream as once the book is available you can automatically sell the e-book online. Having blogged about such topics you can easily compile your articles forming a book plus some additional bonus materials that are exclusively available in your eBook. You can find more guides on how to publish and advertise eBooks on the Blog.

Sell Online Courses

As a student and blogger, you can easily record your knowledge or skills in your niche and turn the videos into online tutorials or a whole online course. Many use YouTube to earn an additional income with so-called “how to tutorials” and the main income derives from adverts via YouTube. By creating and selling your own course you have more ownership of your content and can even incorporate it on your own blog. Popular platforms like Learn Dash, Teachable, Udemy will pay a percentage of the revenue your course generates to the instructor. This obviously also helps to establish your name more as a blogger or influencer.

Offer Online Services

Depending on your skills, you can offer various services like content writing, logo creation, SEO Services and many more. Online tutoring for English or other languages is also on the rise and can pay handsomely. You can find out more about working and earning online in education via the informative UK Education Blog. This not only helps you with making money but with expanding your skills as a student to be more attractive to future employers and spruce up your CV. You can use your blog by creating a page advertising your service and sharing your experience and expertise through an online portfolio. You should also write blog posts and guest posts on popular news platforms about your work to spread word and you can create online profiles on online job platforms too to reach a wider clientele.

Get Online Early Students should not delay starting a blog or online presence as it can be used to create various online income streams that will collectively bring in regular payments with immense growth potential even after graduation and beyond. It could eventually lead to them becoming digital entrepreneurs, building their own careers.


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