A Complete Guide to Roadrunner Email Setup

Roadrunner has maintained its position as a Market leader in providing email services. Professionals or for personnel use when it comes to email service people chose Roadrunner over other service providers. We are going to help you in Roadrunner email setting procedures. Read to the end and you set up your email account.

Roadrunner Email Setup

How to setup Roadrunner email

Follow these steps to create an Email account and alter email settings through Roadrunner

  • Download the Roadrunner App, open it, and click on “My Account” Option.
  • Choose the “Add an Account” option then click on “Email” icon from the ‘Set-up-account’ menu.
  • Put your Roadrunner email and passwords in the respective boxes, after that, skip the option to automatically configure the account and click “Next”.
  • Once the setup process is completed correctly, “Success!” will flash out on your mobile screen.
  • Now your email account is created and linked with the e-mail server, you can receive and send emails.

Roadrunner email settings are POP and IMAP. Configuring email on third party email applications, such as Outlook, Hotmail, Thunderbird, etc. requires one of these server types.

Steps to IMAP server settings:

  • First, open the Roadrunner email app on your system.
  • Enter the details of the Roadrunner email address and password.
  • Select the manual setup option and uncheck the “Automatically Configuration” option.
  • Select the IMAP server settings for Roadrunner Email and follow these steps to configure.
  • Select Account Type “IMAP”.
  • Select “” in the Incoming Server. 
  • Select “143” in Incoming mail server port. 
  • Select the Security Type: SSL/TLS.
  • Put “” Outgoing Server.
  • Put “Port: 587” Outgoing Mail Server. 
  • Select “None” Security Type. 
  • Select “None” Insecure Port.
  • Type Roadrunner email id and password in the email field. 
  • Uncheck Option secure server.
  • Uncheck Option verified certificate.
  • Enter complete Roadrunner email & password and press ‘Next’. 
  • Now you have to provide which account name that want to appear on the screen on your system.
  • After that Hit on the “Done” option.

Steps to Roadrunner Email POP Server Settings.

Follow these steps for setup Roadrunner email POP Settings 

  • Go to Roadrunner Webmail on the device and select the “Settings” option.
  • Choose POP settings from manual server settings.
  • Select POP as account type.
  • Now your incoming mail server is
  • Your incoming server port type is POP3 and port number is 995.
  • Security type: None.
  • Like incoming mail server Outgoing mail server (SMTP) is also
  • 587 is Outgoing server port.
  • Choose Security Type: None.
  • Finally for the incoming and outgoing user name enter your full email id and password in respected fields. 
  • Now click on the “Done” button. You have successfully configured Roadrunner POP server settings.

For iPad or iPhone user

Follow these steps for POP server settings in iPhone and iPod.

  • Choose the email setting from the drop-down menu, scroll and choose the “mail, contacts, and calendars” option.
  • Click on another email provider by taping “add account”.
  • Now enter your correct login information by entering your name, email id and password.
  • Thereafter configure the POP server settings for the email mentioned above in the article.
  • Selected is POP3 server from the list, configure the outgoing email setup.
  • Now tap “Save” and select your email setting on the next screen.
  • Scroll down the outgoing email server for SMTP and select the main server as SMTP in mobile settings, and enter the server port as 25.
  • Thereafter tap ‘done.
  • Lastly, a “restart your iPhone ” will pop up on the screen. Restart your iPhone to ensure that your setup is configured properly.

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The POP server is a built-in server that supports receiving emails via large volume roadrunner email. The main reason for adopting this type of server is that it is cost effective and reliable and also allows you to configure roadrunner email on multiple platforms such as Microsoft mail and

The only key disadvantage of email roadrunner or POP server is that you need to constantly empty your mailbox so that email storage is created. Always make sure your email storage is empty, as a full mailbox can cause a problem when sending and receiving emails.


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