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resale experts

Ah disney, what a place. A historic brand name full of wonderful family stories, but also some pretty historic and immersive land sites. If you ever dreamt about staying or even purchasing one of these sites, then look no further. 

After hours of consideration, you will be well informed by a DVC resale expert  on what property you should purchase or rent, following secure guidelines with years of experience. 

Ensuring you get the best deal and more importantly an easy to follow plan for the long term. The long term implications of your choice is important in regards to how the point system works, but I will explain this. 

What are my options? 

Before we look at some of the more technical qualities, we can at least consider your personal attachment to the brand. Maybe do some research on what they do in relation to their properties, 

That way you may get a stronger sense of their brand image. Having said this, Disney has a remarkable range on the market. To name a few, we can include houses where you can see the animal kingdom, beautiful rivers and lakes. You may have the option of looking at cruise investments. The design from some of these locations can range from hotels to apartments, buildings, mansions and a typical house design. 

However, buying into one of these properties is a perfect choice for people who enjoy visiting disneyland on a daily or monthly basis. 

If this sounds like you, then you may benefit from property purchase.

You will get several perks when visiting disneyland. Once you start doing your research, you may get really overwhelmed, even for economic and business majors but don’t worry. 

Here is a tip: search the resale market rather than new disney owned properties. With this, you may benefit from the pricing perspective. 

You may find that this market will be less competitive and give you a better idea of how the whole process works, especially if you are new. Talk to people over the phone. Communication is so important in this process. 

The must know facts

The most important step to consider is the point system. 

Here is it how it works is: you may purchase a property. Based of the size and overall value of the property, You are rewarded with points. With these points you will have more flexibility in booking accommodation based vacations. These accommodations can include Disney home resorts. The most popular is known as Disney’s wilderness lodge resort, just FYI. You will have more freedom of when and where you book these dates in the calendar.

This is just the general idea. 

The point system can get very complicated, so it is definitely worth researching more about it, as this will help with your overall decision, especially in the long run. 

Here is a basic rundown of the vacation point system

  • If you don’t use your vacation points one year, you can transfer them to the next
  • This works vice versa, allowing for greater flexibility
  • Family vacation accommodation tends to require greater points
  • Romantic getaway suites tend to be slightly cheaper

This fact is a little more disappointing and in contrast to their fairytale image, but you have to be realistic. It’s expensive. 

Disney provides high quality experience for every user. For this high quality, you are going to have to invest a lot more than you typically would. 

This emphasises how important it is to take your time with this decision and really plan it carefully. 

To sum up

Each point that I mention requires research, but following this basic structure is a great way to start. These will be summed up through questions.

  • What kind of property are you most likely to invest in? 
  • What kind of property would you like to visit the most?
  • Talk to a trusted resale expert. 
  • Understand the vacation point system and use it wisely. 

For steps 1 and 2, think about searching in the resale market. On that note, the most important step is talking to a trusted DVC resale expert. 

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Sam Edwards is a content writer at Deepak Shukla who lives in Tunbridge Wells. When he is not writing, he can be found grabbing a coffee or playing guitar.


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