Adrien Agreste In Real Life – Age, Birthday, Photos & Girlfriend

Adrien Agreste

Adrien Agreste is a fictional superhero who is the male character in the animated TV series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, developed by Thomas Astruc. The surface is portrayed as a French teenager who has been homeschooled most of his life. He is also an actor of his dad, Gabriel Agreste, a well-known model with whom Adrien has a close relationship.

Adrien Agreste age – How old is Adrien Agreste in real life

Adrien Agreste’s birthday is on 19th October 2004. In the family of Agreste. And the birthday of Marinette Dupain-Cheng falls on 9th July 2003. So that’s the distinction between the two lovebirds of this fantastic animated TV show.  

Adrien Agreste is the most well-known male character from the fantastic animated show. The character became famous in the year 2012. Adrien is a teen boy with a distinct interest compared to other teenagers.

what would adrien agreste look like in real life

How does Adrien Agreste look like in real life?

Adrien is a beautiful and fair-skinned teenager with bristles-back blonde hair that’s moved to the right. He also has green eyes and has a light rosy hue to his cheeks, nose, and on the edges of his ear.

Adrien Agreste was conceptualised as the “modern” Prince Charming, “with many good human traits. Adrien describes him as “handsome, smart, brave, but compassionate,” and everybody would naturally fall in love with him.

Adrien Agreste In Real Life
Adrien Agreste look like in real life?

Adrien Agreste in his real-life before his transformation into an alien. Then it’s pretty different. He doesn’t express any emotion in real life. However, he cannot control his feelings when he transforms into the superhero identity of Cat Noir.

Adrien’s life is told through personal insight, humour, and knowledge of the magic of a ring that he stumbled across through chance.

Facts about Adrien Agreste

  • Adrien loves to play football and basketball.
  • Adrien is allergic to feathers
  •  He hates villains 
  • Adrien also dislikes camembert cheese.

Family of Adrein Agreste

  • Gabriel Agreste (Father)
  • Emilie Agreste (Mother)
  • Amelie (Aunt)  
  • Felix( Cousin)

Occupation of Adrien Agreste 

  • Student 
  • Model 
  • Voice Actor 
  • Superhero(animated TV series)

Good qualities in Adrien Agreste

Adrien Agreste Good Qualities

Adrien has a more serious outlook, disciplined; however, he is a little hesitant and less lively because of his rigorous education by his parents. As a result, he is hurt by his feelings and sheds tears quickly. Mentioning his mother’s name can make him cry, but he’s used to being disappointed and can handle these emotions so that he doesn’t attract Akumas. He will usually try to play down his feelings about the subject in public, as does his relationship with his father.

  • Sensitive 
  • Perceptive 
  • Friendly 
  • Empathetic 
  • Supporting 
  • Understanding 
  • Encouraging 

Adrien Agreste Zodiac Sign

To those that believe in Astrology, it was proved in a show in which Marinette: Adrien Agreste was born as Leo ( this sign describes her pretty well); however, I honestly doubt that Adrien is an astrological libra. He’s handsome and acts as if he’s a different person to please the people around him. Libra men are beautiful and have great success in professions such as acting and modelling. 

In Adrien’s situation. You can also see how serene his personality is. Even when Chloe is bothering him, he is careful not to cause conflict with Chloe or anyone else.

Libras and Leos are believed to be the perfect pair.

Adrien Agreste Girlfriend

Adrien Agreste Girlfriend

A few days after transforming into a superhero for the first time, He met his new superhero friend, Ladybug, who quickly falls in love with him. When they first meet, Adrien introduces his superhero name, Cat Noir. Ladybug is Marinette, one of Adrien’s classmates who greatly admires Adrien. He has a big crush on. At the same, however, Adrien only has feelings for Ladybug. Cat Noir’s and Ladybug’s mission is to defend Paris from a man referred to by the name of Hawk Moth.

Views of director Thomas Astruc about Adrien Agreste

Thomas Astruc about Adrien Agreste

Astruc stated that he always wanted to “present bright characters that could influence people from all over the globe in this new century

.Astruc said that because ladybugs are linked to luck, he was determined to clarify that Ladybug’s ladybug companion will have powers associated with bad luck.

Astruc stated that managing the dilemma created by Cat Noir’s two identities and Ladybug’s two separate selves in the realm of love is “a lot of fun.”

He said that pairings of superheroes like the one Cat Noir forms with Ladybug are not common in TV shows and that viewers enjoy the romance game with the characters.

Adrien Agreste Voice Actor

Adrien Agreste Voice Actor

Adrien in the English version of the series. Papenbrook declared that it’s “always great to be Cat Noir,” saying that the character enjoyed “so much fun” with his character.

He said the show was Miraculous in the form of “a great show” with “fun animation” and lots of puns. The show’s English dub has the highest amount of puns of all the versions of the show. Papenbrook said that he loves “making these funny puns.

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Final Words

Adrien was imagined as a character that could be appealing to all, possessing several good traits and capable of inspiring viewers.

Adrien has been a source of inspiration in cosplays since many people have become interested in him since the show was released. In addition, products inspired by him have been made, like toys, action figures, and clothing products.


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