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What is PRF Skin Treatment

PRF Skin Treatment – also known as Platelet-Rich Fibrin – aids in skin rejuvenation by utilizing the fibrin in our blood. The platelet-rich fibrin will be injected into certain areas of your skin which, in turn, promotes collagen production and tissue healing while enhancing your skin’s youthfulness naturally.

Thanks to increased advancements in medical care, more and more options for facial treatments have constantly been emerging. Facials are an important part of your skincare routine not only to improve aesthetic appearance but also to improve health at the same time.

If you think that vampire facials are currently the best form of facial treatment nowadays, wait until you hear about PRF skin treatments. This treatment is almost similar to a vampire facial but is consistently better in a wide range of aspects. For one, the PRF skin treatment uses your own blood to treat various skin concerns such as saggy cheeks, uneven skin texture or skin tone, under-eye bags or hollows, and wrinkles. 

This article will tell you all you need to know about the PRF skin treatment, how it works, and what you can generally expect from it.

Guide on PRF Skin Treatment

Fibrin is an important substance found in our blood. These substances aid in wound healing and blood clotting in the event of bleeding and abrasions. Fibrin basically serves as the magic substance that releases essential growth factors, which helps facilitate tissue regeneration.

Recent studies demonstrate that Platelet-Rich Fibrin has the power to regenerate tissues in our body because of the healing properties of platelets. Moreover, other studies show that PRF treatment helps in growing collagen once injected into the skin and can even reduce sun damage while combating other skin issues.

Not only that, but the PRF treatment also does not involve the use of any anticoagulants, unlike the PRP, which uses it to prevent clotting. This makes the PRF treatment an all-natural process that renders minimal discomfort while offering optimal results.

Depending on the area of skin you want to address, treatment usually takes an hour and is performed by highly-trained experts and professionals. The PRF skin treatment also involves a series of sessions or appointments, roughly around two to four, spaced at least a month apart. Required results can also be maintained through singular repeat treatment at least every six to twelve months as well. 

PRF Skin Treatment is beneficial for:

  • Dry and dull skin
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Slow-healing ulcers and wounds
  • Hair loss in male or females
  • Acne or post-traumatic scars
  • Rejuvenation of age-related skin issues or changes

Treatment Process

The PRF treatment usually begins with a consultation where you will discuss the appropriate solution for your skin’s needs. Then, a small vial of blood will be drawn from your arm, which will then be spun in a centrifuge to efficiently separate the plasma and white blood cells from your red blood cells. The centrifuging or spinning process mainly focuses on your platelets which are cell fragments that create the growth factors necessary for healing. Afterward, the blood fibrin fluid will then be drawn off. 

This treatment functions as an efficient alternative to collagen fillers, especially with regard to rejuvenation. The serum is then injected gently into particular areas of concern in your neck or face. If you prefer more effective and faster results, combining the PRF skin treatment with dermal needling is recommended since it helps significantly reduce the size of your pores. This allows for smoother and brighter skin. 

More Benefits of PRF Skin Treatment

The PRF Skin treatment is considered an evident improvement from the PRP process. That being said, its main benefit is that it uses your own red blood cells to promote health and rejuvenation. This makes the treatment safer and more convenient for patients who don’t want to undergo invasive surgeries just for the sake of maintaining their skin. 

It also helps in refining skin tone and eliminating facial folds and wrinkles that become more prominent with age. It also ramps up the collagen production in our bodies which can help ward off evident signs of aging such as sagging skin or under-eye bags. Additionally, a PRF skin treatment significantly improves the elasticity of your skin for a youthful glow. 

Unlike other facial methods, you won’t have to worry about getting a PRF skin treatment since it’s guaranteed to be completely safe, with little to no side effects. The only reported side effects are mild cases such as minor soreness, bruising, or swelling, which can be easily remedied with an ice pack or over-the-counter medication. Moreover, the treatment is also affordable, making it even more accessible for people who want to achieve and maintain healthy-looking skin.

How much does PRF cost?

Well it depends upon your skin and your country of living. Estimated starting price is $500 and can reach upto $1500.

How Do PRF Treatments Work?

PRF treatments work same as the PRP. Plasma from your blood is used stimulate cell growth and. Elastin and collagen production occurs to help heal up your skin.


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