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Top 12 Destinations to Visit in Ukraine


Picture this: You are in Ukraine, living in the country for a while now for work. You stumbled upon a dreamboat or your ideal girl in a public place. You talked, laughed, and bonded — it was the perfect definition of serendipity.

To be spontaneous, you invited them for a date around Ukraine. But alas! You’re drawing blank because you don’t know any destinations. In all the time you lived in Ukraine, you’ve only been to the office and the hotel you’re staying at. 

If this scenario best describes your situation — or you’re one of the many that wish to visit Ukraine’s best places — this article is for you. Let’s talk about the top attractions in Ukraine that you and your date will surely enjoy. If you picked the right place, it might even be the perfect dating spot.

12 Must Visit Destinations in Ukraine are:

  1. Dzharylhach Island
  2. Dragobrat ski resort
  3. Chernobyl
  4. Vorokhta
  5. Baczewski Restaurant
  6. Ukraine Opera House
  7. Henichesk Lake, or The Pink Lake
  8. Vylkove
  9. “Hidden Place”
  10. De Ribas Street
  11. Privoz Market
  12. Golden Gates of Kyiv

Best Adventure Sites

1. Dzharylhach Island

If you are quite the explorer, Dzharylhach Island will significantly interest you.

Considered as the largest uninhabited island in the black sea, Dzharylhach Island is in the Kherson region of Ukraine. The water on the island is crystal clear and, if you are lucky, a wonderful place to see dolphins playing close to the shore. The island also has beach huts with famous stingray borsch, a must-see before leaving the area.

Dzharylhach Island isn’t that known to many locals and tourists yet. Without a doubt, you’ll be a star in your date’s eyes if you take them to this picturesque island.

2. Dragobrat ski resort

Ensure a fun-filled date when you go to Dragobrat ski resort.

The Dragobrat ski resort is a Ukrainian Carpathians gem famous for its wild slopes. The high mountains range from roughly 4,265 to 5,906 feet, making them the highest peaks in the country. Naturally, Dragobrat ski resort is a favorite among free-riders.

3. Chernobyl

Do you love to visit a more controversial spot? Chernobyl will not fail you on that part.

Chernobyl is a historically infamous nuclear disaster site that led to thousands of deaths in 1986. Although filming is not allowed at Chernobyl, there are tour guides in the area who’ll teach you in-depth detail of the tragedy. Sure enough, a trip to this eerie ghost town in northern Kyiv Oblast will promise a cryptic journey for you and your date.

4. Vorokhta

If you and your date are adrenaline enthusiasts, go water rafting at Vorokhta or hiking at Hoverla, the tallest mountain in Ukraine. All these are in a small village in the Carpathians.

The area also offers a lovely vista of rolling green hills and architecturally impressive dual viaducts. Be sure to pack for the whole weekend if you pick this place for your date, as one full day may not be enough.

Top Destinations for a Romantic Getaway

5. Baczewski Restaurant

Dining in affordable buffet restaurants has never been posher at Baczewski Restaurant.

The fancy Baczewski Restaurant offers a modern approach to hearty Ukrainian cuisine, ideal for your breakfast or dinner date with a Ukrainian local. A plant-filled environment with skylights and outdoor space completes the fresh, lavish, and romantic ambiance.

Ideally, you will only pay $6 apiece when you dine at Baczewski.

6. Ukraine Opera House.

Ukrainians have a great fascination with theater.

For an enchanting date night, the Ukrainian Opera House is the perfect place to fill your soul. They demonstrate their plethora of shows in Ukrainian, Russian, French, and Italian. As such, the experience of watching all the performances is enchanting. 

The magnificent building makes the experience all the more worthwhile. The one century-old National Opera of Ukraine building consists of three balcony tiers, a mezzanine, an amphitheater, a Benoir lodge, and a stall.

7. Henichesk Lake, or The Pink Lake

Nothing will make for a more romantic date spot than The Pink Lake.

Sitting in the Arabatska Spit is the most beautiful pink lake in Ukraine, the Henichesk Lake. This picture-perfect lake has a bright pink color that comes from algae attracted to the lake’s high salt content. There are so many salts in the lake that they sell buckets of salt to tourists — a great thing to do during the date!

8. Vylkove


Show your romantic side when you take your date to the romantic Vylkove.

Called the Ukrainian Venice, this idyllic date spot in the Odesa region offers boat rides to couples or any group of people. The river is a part of the Danube Biosphere Reserve, where people can only get to through a boat. 

Ultimate Local Go-to Places

9. “Hidden Place”

Lviv’s “Hidden Place” near Rynok Square is the perfect place to go if you’re down to a bit of adventure during dinner.

When you’ve unearthed the place, an attendant behind the wooden doors will ask for a password before allowing you to get inside. Once you step in, the “angry watchman” will hand you an army water can tin. He’ll ask you to drink it before allowing you to go downstairs.

The downstairs design will make you feel like teleporting to a war barracks. The ceiling is full of fantastic army printed-draperies. There are also many war memorabilia like costumes, wall designs, and utensils to complete the experience.

10. De Ribas Street

Night lights, old architecture, and fun party music — if all that’s your jam, then De Ribas Street will please you and your date.

De Ribas Street or Vulytsia Derybasivska is a pedestrian walkway in the heart of Odesa, Ukraine. Named after the builder of Odesa, José de Ribas, De Ribas Street is an excellent place for fun dinner dates.

The street may be a lovely place for a breakfast or lunch date, but it is undoubtedly best experienced at night. The area becomes more beautiful in the evening, with stunning light decorations and entertaining jazz music. Street stalls, spray paint booths, and pony ride corners are available in the bustling De Ribas Street.

11. Privoz Market

They say the best way to understand a country’s culture is through their food. And what better way to do that than by visiting Ukraine’s Privoz Market. Located at 14 Prevozna Street, the famous Privoz Market is the largest and oldest food market in Odesa, Ukraine.

This open-air food market dates back to 1827, when they used to sell goods from horse-drawn carts. Even when you’ve no intention to buy grocery stocks, the produce and local wares make the perfect backdrop for colorful photographs. The place is particularly appealing when merchants are setting up in the early morning hours.

12. Golden Gates of Kyiv

Visiting the Golden Gates of Kyiv is the perfect opportunity to be with your date while learning the country’s history.

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Named after the Golden Gate of Constantinople, the Golden Gates of Kyiv was the majestic entrance to the central city dating back to the 11th-century. Although they dismantled most of the structure in the Middle Ages, the entire architectural history is still an awe-inspiring account — and a debatable topic by historians and locals.

Make it fun and exciting!

To visit at least one of these tourist destinations on your own is already a win. But to see it with your Ukrainian date makes the experience more exciting and beautiful.

Be sure to have fun during the date, yeah? And if it does not work out, don’t despair. At least, you now have an idea where to take your next Ukrainian date. Enjoy Ukraine!

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