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Home Improvement Projects for Spring You Can do on a Budget

home improvement projects

Spring is here, and with it, weather that will allow you to begin working on some of those home DIY projects you have been adding to your list throughout the winter. Spring cleaning is a key part of home projects in the spring, but this is also the time to update and repair your home. Home DIY projects can be expensive, but you can complete your projects on a budget with the proper planning. Here, we will take a look at some home upgrades that you can do on a budget. Bonus : Get A+ Construction & Remodeling

Paint Your Rooms

One of the easiest ways to freshen up any room of your home, or its exterior, is with paint. It is an affordable upgrade that is easy to do yourself, and it can completely transform a room. This is a project that is better done in the spring or summer when you can open the windows in the room you are painting to let the fumes vent out.

Add Crown Molding

Crown molding can add charm to a home. While the traditional route is wooden and requires a lot of time with a miter saw, there is another option. Foam crown molding can give you the same aesthetic as wooden molding but without the hassle of spending all night with the miter saw. It is also much easier to install than wooden molding, and it just needs a joint compound to install.

Get a New Mailbox

For a quick and easy upgrade, a new mailbox can add some charm to your front yard. You can repaint your existing one or replace it with a new one, even a smart mailbox, to keep your packages safe. Planting some flowers around the base of the mailbox can help make it a little more cheerful.

Change Your Address Display

This is a simple and affordable project that can give your home a new look. It is a small change, but it is a simple and affordable one that can give your home a little more personality and brighten up your doorway.

Add a Firepit or Patio Fireplace

A firepit adds some character to your yard and gives you somewhere to entertain on warm summer nights. This can be as easy or as complicated as you want, depending on your budget and the specific design aesthetic you are going for.

Another option that has become popular recently is building a fireplace in your yard. It is a homier look than the firepit, and it can be a major focal point in your yard. This is a fun DIY project that can be done on a budget, especially if you use faux stone or brick veneer to face it instead of natural stone or brick. It gives your patio fireplace the same look and feel for a fraction of the price.

Before you add a firepit or fireplace to your yard, make sure you look up your local building codes. They will have some rules that you will need to follow when adding something flammable to your home.

Update Your Garden

Spring is planting season, time for you to upgrade and enhance your garden. You can add some new flowers to it or a new feature. Another option is to include some edible plants and herbs, or perhaps a butterfly garden which is beneficial to the environment.

Replace the Gutters

This is not a “fun” DIY project, though it is necessary for any homeowner at some point. Inspect your gutters to ensure they are not blocked or damaged; if they are, they will not drain properly, and you could end up with water damage to your home. Spring is bound to bring rain with it, so you want those gutters to be able to do their jobs. Winter can be rough on gutters, especially if

there is a lot of snow and ice in your area; this can put stress on your gutters and damage them or cause them to shift out of place.

Update Your Deck

While replacing your entire deck or porch is expensive and time-consuming, you can still make some updates to your deck without breaking the bank. Winter can be rough on decks, too, so taking some time in spring to update or repair your porch is a good idea. Look for moldy, rotten, warped, and splintered wood and replace those boards. One surefire way to ruin a summer barbeque is with a foot going through the wood on your deck because it needed replacing in the spring!

Give Your Fixtures a Facelift

Sometimes, a little project can make a big impact. The light fixtures in your home can add a touch of character to your home that can refresh the look. You can also add new faucets to your sinks, new door handles, and new handles on the cupboards. While this is a little project, you would be amazed at how much of a difference something this small can make on the look of the room. If you want to change up more about your sinks, you can get new basins, too; they can be affordable and give you an unexpected way to change the room’s look.

Update Your Front Door

The front door is an important symbol and having an old and weathered door is not attractive. You can do something as easy as repainting the door to dress it up, or you can get a whole new door if you want a more dramatic change than paint can do.

Replace or Repair Walkways

Concrete does not always do well in the winter, so your walkways, patios, and anything else you have that is concrete can end up getting chipped during the harsh winter months. You can repair the damage yourself with a concrete mixture from your local hardware store. Though it is critical you pick a weekend that will have dry weather so the concrete has a chance to set before it gets rained on.


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