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Accidents on Vacation: How to Be Prepared


The primary goal of going on a vacation with your family or friends is to create happy and memorable experiences. Whether you are hiking in the mountains or simply lying on the beach, we all look forward to taking time out from our regular schedules. 

However, the dream of fun and memorable experiences can turn into a vacationing nightmare within a blink of an eye. Let’s face it, accidents can and do happen any day and anywhere, whether we are on vacation, in the office, or just at home. 

The question is, are you ready to deal with the unexpected? 

Do you have the resources to deal with any accidents that come your way? 

If you’re planning to go on a vacation in the coming holidays, the few minutes you take to read this article could help save a life.

 Let’s get you prepared for your next vacation.

What are the common accidents that happen on vacation?

It’s daunting to plan for something you don’t clearly understand. So, the first step to preparing for accidents on vacation is to understand the possible incidents that could occur while you’re having a good time.

Some common accidents on vacation include;

  • Car & RV accidents
  • Trip (slip) and fall accidents
  • Food poisoning
  • Sunburn and heatstroke
  • Activity related accidents
  • Animal attacks (stings and bites).

All these and many more could cut short your vacation. Thus, it pays to do your due diligence on the causes of these accidents and mitigate them. 

  1. Familiarize with the foreign surroundings

You’ll probably be taking your vacation at a place far from your region or even in another country. Therefore, it’s essential to research any injury risks or illnesses in that area before your vacation starts. 

vehicles on road during daytime

Familiarize yourself with the;

  • Traffic laws – Different regions have different traffic patterns and rules. Understand the side of the road you need to drive on. For instance, some countries drive on the right hand side of the road while others do it on the left-hand side.
  • Infrastructure – How close is the nearest hospital? What is the local emergency services number?
  • Language – Learn a few words in the local language, if you are going to be traveling to another country.
  1. Get safety and security apps

We live in times where (almost) everything can be done using an internet-enabled device. When going on a vacation, there are various travel apps you can use to enhance your safety and security. 

Some of the apps allow you to check in ‘as safe’ while on your vacation. If in danger, you can press a button on the app to send a panic alert. 

Try a safe-button app like Noonlight, that you can use to alert the authorities if you fail to enter a pre-set security code. bSafe shares your location and movements with specific people and alerts them when you’re in danger.

Most of these apps will share your exact location, street address, latitude, map, longitude, among other vital information, to help authorities, family and friends find you faster. 

  1. Prepare a travel safety kit

While packing your fashion clothes, cameras to capture moments, among other things, you shouldn’t forget to carry a safety kit. Tweak the safety kit based on your needs. 

Some basic things to include in the safety kit are;

  • Sunscreen
  • Bandages
  • Flashlight
  • First aid manual
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Some over the counter medicines.

A safety kit is your first line of defence that can be used to deal with small injuries and also  helpful in case of a more serious injury; as you await further medical help.

  1. Get your car ready for the trip
Serious car mechanic pumping up car wheel in modern service garage

If you’ll be using your car while on vacation, you need to ensure that the vehicle is in great shape to prevent possible accidents. 

  • Check the fluids to ensure they are at the right level. 
  • Check the condition of the tires as they are essential for comfort, safety, and fuel efficiency. 
  • Ensure the tires are inflated with the correct amount of air pressure.
  • Check the brake pads and ensure they are working perfectly. 
  • Clean and organize your vehicle, especially if it’s an RV, as you’ll be spending most of your time on it while vacationing. 

Take your vehicle to a professional certified mechanic to ensure everything is in good working order before hitting the road.

  1. Take important documents with you

If you were involved in a road accident while vacationing, how would people identify you? 

In addition to the obvious passports and tickets, carry some essential documents for your safety, security, and health.

Some essential documents to bring along include;

  • Copies of your travel documents and passports
  • Copies of all your prescriptions
  • Health insurance documents and card
  • Emergency contact card

For instance, your health insurance card will help clear your medical bills if you get into an accident. 

However, you should contact your health insurance provider to determine if the insurance covers medical assistance while vacationing abroad. If not, you might want to purchase international health insurance before going out on vacation.

  1. Seek legal advice from your attorney

Before you leave for the vacation, make sure to contact your personal injury lawyer. They can explain how to deal with personal injuries and accidents. 

Your attorney can also guide you on what to do, especially if you do get into an accident while on vacation in a different region or country.


Vacations are meant to be fun and memorable. However, they can be easily cut short by accident. It’s therefore essential to be prepared, in case the worst does happen. The preparation being armed with information on where to find medical care, identifying ways to notify others about your situation, and paying for anticipated expenses. Consider using some or all of these  tips before you set off on your next vacation! 

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