7 Services To Expect From A Water Tank Supplier

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Water tank suppliers help you choose the ideal water storage containers for your property, whether residential or commercial. These companies provide a vast array of choices—from polyethylene or plastic tanks to steel and fiberglass tanks—that come in all shapes, sizes, and storage capacities.

Owning a water tank requires preparation, installation, and other post-sales activities. And a water tank company offers these services as well.  

If you’re concerned about what happens before and after purchasing one, read on to discover a complete rundown of services you can avail of when dealing with water tank suppliers. 

  1. Supplying Water Tanks 

This is the type of service tank suppliers are most known for. This general impression overshadows the fact that these companies can do so much more to make your life easier. 

Water companies are your go-to places whenever your water source needs boosting. The good thing about these providers is that they can cater to commercial and residential needs, with some even supplying tanks for industrial businesses. What’s more, these providers are experts at helping you determine the ideal size, capacity, and material based on your needs.        

  1. Delivering Water Tanks 

Buyers can transport small tanks in their vehicles with no issues. However, larger units can be challenging to carry from the supplier’s warehouse to their intended destination. If you just purchased a massive water tank, you don’t have to worry about hauling services, as water tank providers can bring it to your location. They also can deliver rainwater storage in your area

  1. Manufacturing Water Tanks 

Some property owners may shun ready-made polyethylene tanks and prefer metal tanks for various reasons. And if the current choice of steel tanks doesn’t impress a buyer, they can ask water tank suppliers to create a custom-designed unit based on their preference and requirements.  

Galvanized metal tanks can be molded according to customers’ specifications, while corrugated metal liner tanks come in kits that users or installers can put together on the project site. Industrial companies, meanwhile, often need steel water reservoirs for their significant water needs. For all of these solutions, including instances where you need the tank to go with your property’s entire look, water storage providers stand ready to help out.  

  1. Obtaining Permits For Water Tank Projects  

When erecting massive water tanks, for instance, to supply community and industrial needs, local governments and regulatory agencies often need to make sure that the project is safe, sustainable, and in line with the zoning laws. This means that you need to obtain the necessary permits and submit design plans for approval. As it can be time-consuming and complex to get all the paperwork done, water tank companies can step in and do the work for you.    

  1. Water Tank Installation And Construction 

Some commercial and residential water storage needs dictate that tanks be installed way up or underground. In these cases, it’s highly challenging for customers to do it independently. For instance, an underground water tank installation requires excavators and other heavy equipment. The same holds for above-ground or water tower structures common in agricultural settings.  

Water tank providers have qualified installers who have access to or are professionals themselves. In most cases, these companies also have contacts with heavy equipment rental firms, so you can start harvesting rainwater once the project is finished.    

  1. Water Tank Repair 

No matter the material used, water tanks are meant to last for several years—with proper use and maintenance work. Harsh elements such as sunlight, rain, typhoon, and extreme temperatures, as well as normal wear and tear, can shorten your tank’s lifespan. This is especially true for polyethylene tanks exposed to direct sunlight.    

When something is off, for instance, if your water tastes or smells weird, you can ask assistance from your tank provider to check the unit. Warranties often cover tanks, so check your documents to see if you can provide free repair and replacement for specific parts.

  1. Water Tank Inspections And Maintenance 

Storage providers need to inspect water tanks regularly to guarantee that they’re working correctly. Often, technicians will check on the tank and perform the necessary steps involving cleaning, repairing, and replacing minor parts, yearly. Some companies with advanced technologies can even deploy remotely-operated vehicles to perform inspections and clean the tank, too.

Companies must check water tanks for potential contamination and debris accumulation at least once a year regardless of the method used. Suppliers must inspect the water storage at least every six months if the water is used for drinking.

Final Thoughts 

There’s more to having a water tank than choosing the correct size. After-sales support such as delivery, installation, inspection, cleaning, and repair, are essential water tank supplier services alongside other points discussed above. Buyers must ask the company if they perform these activities to know how to move forward when faced with specific issues.

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