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5 Low-Maintenance Plants To Liven Up Your Living Room


Indoor living plants are also an excellent way to freshen up your living room; natural elements can liven up the atmosphere and improve air quality. But with this, not all plants can thrive indoors, and some that can are not easy to keep alive. 

That said, when it comes to some high care plants that need more from you, an indoor hydroponics system like iDOO might be the perfect solution. Some more modern designs can be controlled remotely with a smartphone through an app. So, indoor veggie gardening is possible, and some high care plants will also thrive. 

Nevertheless, here are five low-maintenance indoor plants to transform your living room. 

Snake Plant:

Snake plants have a unique appearance; long spikey, dappled leaves define this hardy indoor plant. At the same time, they are effortless to grow indoors, as they prefer low to medium light conditions and only want water every two to three weeks. 

What’s more, snake plants are among a select few that can produce oxygen in the evenings, which most plants do during the day. As a result, snake plants are also perfect for the bedroom.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is another excellent choice when it comes to low-maintenance houseplants. But if you think there is only one type of aloe vera plant out there, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a whole assortment of aloe to choose from, and each is equally as easy to grow indoors as the next. 

The Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the more well-known type of aloe plant. However, there is also Crosby’s prolific, which has larger and thicker succulent leaves, and Aloe Rubroviolacea, which has thinner and longer succulent leaves. There are also varieties with color in the leaves.

Aloe vera prefers medium light and thrives with weekly or biweekly waterings. 

Red-Edge Dracaena:

The dracaena plant family is pretty hardy and easy to care for. These plants thrive indoors even with minimal water. The red-edge dracaena can grow up to four meters tall, and the vibrant colors are perfect for modern interiors. 

Spider Plant:

Spider plants are equally as easy to care for, although these leafy green houseplants are ideal for low to medium light environments. Spider plants have light green spikey leaves that drop over and keep growing. 

These plants are also excellent for filtering toxins out of the air and improving indoor air quality as a direct result. 

Fiddle Leaf Ficus Tree:

The fiddle leaf ficus tree is an excellent option if you’re hoping for a larger indoor plant. These trees can grow indoors for several years and reach up to 10 feet tall inside. 

You’ll need to water this plant once a week or when the top inch of soil is dry. Beyond that, it’s essential for the fiddle leaf to get enough bright indirect light, so place this plant in a sunny area of your home. 

Other excellent low-maintenance indoor plants include the swiss leaf plant, the money plant, peperomia plants, and so many others. 

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