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Why are New Yorkers fleeing the city?


New York City has always had a special element to it. It was and still is the city which represents a dream to many. Young people would move there to experience the fast-paced, urban, opportunity-filled vibe. Back in the day, to get a full-time position downtown New York was considered a major accomplishment to say the least. When compared to the same job position in a much smaller town, it couldn’t even come close. Meanwhile, with many changes and shifts into the modern age, it seems that New Yorkers are fleeing the city at a quick pace. But why? Why are Newyorkers fleeing the city? We can help you find out.

A busy street in New York.
New York is a fast-paced and urban environment.

Why are New Yorkers fleeing the city altogether? We think it is due to various reasons out there. Population numbers are decreasing, and the city is shrinking. Throughout the rest of the text, we will analyze how technology, rental costs, and transportation have affected this
shift and why people are moving to other cities and states.

New Yorkers Are Fleeing the City

Ten years ago, technology was not what it is today. Businesses and careers were very much locally based. Meanwhile, here comes the 21st century with a technological wave that would affect all aspects of our lives quickly. Today, with an efficient laptop, one can have a career anywhere in the world. This is where one of the reasons why New Yorkers are fleeing the city comes to light.

As we’ve mentioned before, people used to count on their move to the Big Apple to direct their vision and ambitions to the levels of success they couldn’t have achieved in their smaller hometown. On the other hand, you could live in Brussels, Belgium and have a career in New York City.
What does this mean? It means that businesses and careers are now globally expandable and can reach millions with just a few clicks on a keyboard. You can stay connected with colleagues, employers and clients even when miles away. People are taking advantage of this fact and are choosing to move to new areas with different opportunities.

The Hustle & Bustle

New York is a big city, currently home to over 8 million people. Big city, lots of people-the hustle and bustle are 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The urban way of life is not for everyone. The younger generations are more inclined to enjoy the fast-paced lifestyle, but for individuals who might be starting a family, opinions differ. This is another reason why New Yorkers are fleeing the city and moving to more rural and quieter locations. Consequently, they want to get away from the noise and craziness and raise their children in a more discrete and private neighborhood and community. It seems that overcoming the fear of moving to a new city is not a problem for them.

The simplest example of this is any movie or TV show you have watched. Aspiring individuals are moving to the big city to achieve their goals and reach high levels of success, whereas young families are moving out to live a different kind of life.

A few yellow cabs in a street in New York.
Public transits get extremely busy daily.

In addition, commuting through the city is another aspect as to why many are leaving. Transportation and public transit, in general, can take a lot of hours out of one’s day, therefore people are getting tired of losing daytime sitting on the subway, cab or their own car. For someone, coming home from work at 6 pm instead of 7 or 8 pm is something they want in their life. Their options become limited, and then they start to plan their move outside of the city. If this is something you are considering, find a reputable company like Movers 101 to ensure that your move is
simple, efficient and well done.

New Yorkers are Fleeing the City Due to the High Standard

Real estate is another factor why people are moving to other cities and states. Pricier rents for much less space is what New York is known for. Also, don’t let us get started on the location. Upper East Side, Manhattan, and other high-end neighborhoods are only increasing in zeros at the end of their price. Even Brooklyn, an up and coming neighborhood, is starting to hit the highs of rental payments. Once you realize that you could have a 3-bedroom home in Texas or North Carolina for the same price of a 1-bedroom apartment in New York, you get eager to move.

A pile of coins and some banknotes.
Life in New York is very expensive.

For example, based on research, average rent in North Carolina is less than the national median. This says a lot as to how much more affordable it would be to live somewhere like Greensboro or Durham. A more affordable lifestyle can simplify your finances, hence why New Yorkers are leaving NYC and settling down in North Carolina.

New Yorkers are Fleeing the City. Where Are They Going?

When so many people are leaving New York City, where are they going? Technology opening up new ways of growing our careers and rent increasing in value is having people move to more affordable places. Some of the cities where New Yorkers can get a less expensive cost of living

  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Greenville, South Carolina
  • Kansas City, Missouri
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Des Moines, Iowa

The cities and states listed above are a few examples as to where people could find more affordable housing and general day to day costs of living within the United States. It is important to look at all locations long term so that you can conclude a better evaluation as to where you should move to.

If you know someone who is moving from the city to another location, make their move easier with a housewarming gift. It can make their relocation more welcoming and fun.

Is It Worth It?

How do you know if you should move? Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer. In the end, although statistics are showing that rental costs, commuting, technology, and multiple other aspects play a role in why New Yorkers are fleeing New York City, in the end, it all depends on the person and their personal preferences. Some people feed off of the fast-paced lifestyle and don’t mind paying a little extra to live in Soho or Tribeca, whereas some people have different ideas about how they want to live their life. We gave you the statistics as to why these changes are occurring, and the city seems to be shrinking. Now, it is up to you to do your own
pros and cons list and decide whether New York is for you or perhaps not.

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