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Which was a real “star wars” based breakfast cereal sold in the 1980s?


Are you looking for answer to real star wars based breakfast serial sold in 80s era?

Which was a real “star wars” based breakfast cereal sold in the 1980s?

C-3PO’s by Kellogg’s were similiar to Cheerios in appearance, they were having form of numeral eight

Cereal pieces are designed as tiny figure-eights.

Kellogg’s introduced C-3PO’s just one year after the third film of Star Wars’s original Star Wars trilogy appeared in theaters.

The boxes also contained Plastic Rebel Rockets, Star Wars Sticker/Trading Cards or cut-out Star Wars Masks There was also the possibility of a giveaway for Kenner Star Wars action figures.

Kellogg’s also made small, individual-serving C-3PO’s boxes that could be purchased in the form of an assortment of cereals. These boxes are rare and considered to be rare among collectors of cereal boxes.

Trusted Source : https://cereal-graveyard.wikia.org/wiki/Kellogg%27s_C-3PO%27s

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