When To Replace Garage Door Rollers

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One of the major components to ensure the effective functioning of your garage door is the garage door rollers. They are responsible for holding the garage door in alignment with the door tracks and make sure it opens and closes smoothly whenever used. Ignoring the condition of garage door rollers is one of the major mistakes many homeowners make. A family of four uses a garage door at least ten to fifteen times a day on an average. That said, it accounts for more than a thousand times a year. If you’re wondering whether you need to replace your garage door rollers or not, read the article until the very end. 

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How long do garage door rollers last?

While the answer to that is subjective to the type of rollers used in the unit and also regular maintenance, if you have installed high-quality garage door rollers at the time of installing the garage door unit, then it should probably last around ten to fifteen years on average. That said, various factors affect the lifespan of garage door rollers, such as the frequency of garage door usage, the weather conditions of the place, maintenance of the entire unit, and the type of garage door rollers used.

It is easy to determine the lifespan of a garage door roller based on its type. For instance, if you are using steel rollers with ball bearings (widely used), then it should last around fifteen years with proper maintenance. Contrastingly, plastic rollers and steel rollers without ball bearings are the basic types which is often the builder-grade quality that lasts only a couple of years. Nylon garage rollers are the ones with the longest lifespan of about fifteen to twenty years when maintained properly. However, those are the most expensive of the lot but quieter and efficient too. 

Three signs that your garage door requires new rollers

Let us now look at the three signs that help you assess whether you should replace the garage door rollers or not. 

  1. Misalignment

One of the easiest ways to determine whether your garage door rollers are damaged is by monitoring the garage door alignment with the rollers and the track. Rollers are responsible for the proper alignment of garage doors. If you find that the garage door does not operate smoothly, keeps slipping off the tracks and hinges, then the garage door rollers may have worn out and been damaged. If you do not notice any physical damage on the rollers, then examine by grabbing the roller and wiggling it a little. If the roller is not firm on the shaft and wiggles too much, then its bearings might have damaged. In any of the cases, it’s better to replace the garage door rollers.

  1. Unusual noises

Another indicator that you need to replace the garage door rollers is the unusual noises the garage door makes while operating. If your garage door makes any loud screeching noises while opening and closing, then chances are, it either needs proper lubrication or, the rollers have worn out. It is better to have professionals come over and inspect the garage door unit if you notice any unusual noise. Always ensure to lubricate the entire garage door unit every three to four months, or six at the most. 

  1. Excessive vibration

Here’s another determinator helpful to assess the need for replacing the garage door rollers. The garage door should open and close very smoothly at all times. If your garage door vibrates excessively while operating every time, then it is time for a quick inspection. When the rollers start to wear out, it causes the garage door to vibrate and slip off the tracks while opening and closing. If you face the issue and notice that the rollers are physically damaged, then better replace them as early as possible. 

Tips to make your garage door rollers last long:

If you wish to extend the lifespan of your garage door rollers, then you must ensure proper maintenance and inspection of the entire garage door unit from time to time. Regular maintenance of the rollers includes proper lubrication, especially if your rollers have bearings. Make sure to thoroughly inspect and lubricate the entire garage door system at least every three months if the frequency of usage is high. Make sure to install quality-grade garage door rollers instead of the builder-grade units. It might cost you a little extra but will save you a ton of money and time when it comes to maintenance and replacement. 

Final Thoughts

If you experience any of the issues mentioned above with your garage door, then it is better to book an appointment with a professional for an overall inspection. DIY repairs can sometimes cause severe loss and injury as well. Therefore, it is better to leave the process of replacement and repair to the professionals as they possess the right tools and expertise. Make sure to get the entire garage door unit inspected by professionals at least once a year.

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