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What Kind of a SeagrassRug You Can Use Now


Want to decorate rooms with a natural decoration? A seagrass rug creates an aesthetic universe in neutral tones. It can also be used for a bohemian or seaside style. Its characteristics allow it to adorn different rooms: living rooms, living rooms, or even wet rooms. This is the overview of tips for a successful decoration with seagrass.

What is seagrass?

The seagrass is part of ground coverings designed with vegetable fibers. Made from a swamp plant from the flooding estuaries of Asia, these fibers are first dried. Artisans then weave them in the form of a seagrass rug. The seagrass coating thus constitutes an alternative to traditional rugs. Indeed, it resists wear and is pleasing to the eye with its braided look and natural hues. Like all-natural fibers, seagrass is appreciated for interior decoration despite its few flaws.

A seagrass rug optimizes comfort in the room where it is installed. In addition to being pleasant to the touch and warm, this flooring has insulating properties. Indeed, it attenuates footsteps and impacts on the ground.

Adaptable to different rooms

Excellent living room rug, seagrass invites itself into the living rooms. It is also found in other rooms of the house, such as the office, the bedroom, the veranda, or the hallway. In addition to being aesthetic and ecological, this coating is easily integrated into damp rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom, provided that the latter are sufficiently ventilated.

However, this carpet darkens and becomes covered with mold when installed in unventilated and stuffy rooms, such as bathrooms without CMV. It should be noted that the seagrass coating tends to lose its shine when it is placed in spaces directly exposed to the sun or too dry.

A wide variety of models

Available in various styles and shapes, the seagrass rug is particularly interesting for giving originality and character to any room in the house. This coating has three types of weaves: twist, checkerboard, or chevron. The choice depends on the desired effect. Each of these weavings exists in a subtle or classic version. Pleasant to the touch, a rug with a tight and fine weave is particularly recommended for those who like to walk barefoot.

It can be used as a floor covering and dress the staircase, and the seagrass rug comes in various shapes and sizes (rectangular, square, round, XS, or XXL) to adapt to the size of the room. As for the color, it comes in natural ocher or beige shade. It should be noted that seagrass is unsuitable for the color since it is a natural waterproof fiber. The color of the seagrass carpet is that of the plant when it is harvested. The seagrass coating is available in mats, rolls, or tiles. Depending on the floor type, the laying of this covering can be glued, stretched, loose, or by hook-and-loop tape.


Also, seagrass is sometimes integrated with other fibers like coconut or sisal. This coating is also marketed with an underlay, often made of latex, but also foam or coconut fiber combined with rubber, for an ecological rendering. The reverse side of the rug can be made from synthetic materials. For an ecologically authentic seagrass rug, you must ensure that the underlay is made of natural latex.


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