What is Beta Testing

Web services automation Testing or Mobile Application and Software Testing are as important as application development.

Beta Testing is when the actual consumers try out the final product in the real environment. It allows them to provide any inputs related to the design, usability, performance, functionality or interface of the product. It is basically a final testing that is carried out for customer validation, just before the product is to be delivered to the client. 

Why is it done?

Beta Testing is necessary to check and understand the app’s behavior and response in the real world by real users.

It is done by Black Box Testing, therefore the end user who is testing the product just sees the software or application and use it like he would normally do, unaware of the what they are about to test or what the results would be.

Advantages of Beta Testing 

  • Beta testers are the clients or users, so they have opportunity to discover any unnoticed flaws and issues such as crashing, confusing interface etc.
  • Customer reviews and feedbacks are used to improvise overall application quality.
  • Being the final leg of Software Testing, done at the time of product marketing, hence Beta Testing reduces any risks for failure of the product.
  • Reduced cost as compared to any other Testing.
  • Online surveys and client feedbacks are very effective in increasing your application’s popularity, customer satisfaction and building a trustworthy relationship with clients.

It’s not necessary to have an in – house Testing team for your applications. App developing organizations can even choose to hire an experienced and renowned Software Testing Outsourcing firm such as HikeQA for various stages of Application testing like cloud automated Testing, Unit Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing, Performance Testing, Regression Testing, Mobile app testing etc.

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