What Earrings Are Good for Cartilage?

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The cartilage earring is at its best. Undoubtedly this accessory is very fashionable! They all wear it, from presenters to models or influencers. Something that does not surprise us at all, since it is flattering and daring at the same time.

This type of earring, which has incorporated new designs over the years, has gone from being a mere accessory without prominence to having almost everything. Thanks to them, we can place it in our ear and give it a touch of the most original with pieces of insect shapes, gold or rhinestone earrings or figures that say something about us or our personality.

In your wholesale earrings stores, we have a wide variety of cartilage earrings. They are a real bet when it comes to making your looks. Wear them separately, accompanied by larger pieces or bet on a combination of styles in your mini earrings. This trend allows you to innovate as much as you want.

Do you want to wear one and don’t know which earrings are good for cartilage? Do you have it but don’t know what it’s called? Don’t worry, here you will find the name of the most common that you can make yourself.

Types of Cartilage Earrings


Lobe piercing is the most commonly used. Almost all girls wear these little holes, and they are made in both ears. There is a wide variety of jewelry for lobes, depending on your style and what you want to manifest. If you have already pierced your ear, you can play by making combinations. We also offer you earrings of different shapes, with natural stones, smooth earrings, Bali earrings and small hoops. Usually, a larger earring is worn on the lobe.

Lobe piercing


The Helix piercing is fascinating. It covers the outer crease of the ear, and among all the piercings, it is the one that most catches our attention or is the first one we think of. We can have many holes in the propeller, but we love to show off between one and three at most, with two small holes being our favorite way to wear it. The Cuffs, in this case, would be the ideal. The Helix earring is the most requested since it is original and nothing strange.

Helix piercing


As its name suggests, the Forward Helix earring is opposite to the helix, between face and ear, also called the Antihelix. For this hole, we also recommend the earring as in the Helix case, with Bali or plain ornaments. Any small piercing style earring will fit great.


This can be more painful. The rook is made right in the cartilage above the tragus, on the inside of the ear. The most recommended for this piercing is a fairly small earring, like a smooth earring. Due to its location, there is not much space to wear large earrings, and it could be annoying. However, this does not stop you, only you decide!



It has become fashionable recently and is one of the most popular girls. The Daith piercing is made in the inner cartilage of the ear. It is located below the anti-helix, right on edge, almost in the central part of the ear; it is an area that is quite difficult to pierce because it is a fairly small space. Due to its location, it is said to have the property of reducing headaches.



The Tragus piercing is a super trend. This piercing has more and more regulars. It is very esthetical, and the jewel can be seen from the front and back, due to the particular shape of this cartilage located at the ear’s entrance. For this type of piercing, we recommend simple metal or gemstone stud earrings. And we do not rule out the ball, which has always been the most used for this little hole. You may also like buying and reading about promise rings at rings club.



Its name comes from the fact it is located just in front of the tragus, or rather on its opposite side, it is located specifically above the earlobe. The tiny earrings are very good, and also the balls. Of course, everything is a matter of taste. This piercing is not very common, but it is actually very beautiful.



The Snug is similar to the previous one, but instead of the lower zone, it is placed slightly higher in the ear’s inner cartilage. A curved earring with balls at the ends is usually set to give the accessory more visibility as an ornament.



It is a piercing that hugs the ear. It is achieved by making the hole in the lower inner part of the ear and placing an earring that surrounds the outside. It is the closest thing to a hoop, and you have a lot of carvings and tones.


Now you know the wide variety of piercings that you can make in the ear and the type of earring for each of them. If you finally decide to get one, remember to do it in a reliable center and maintain good hygiene to avoid infections in the hole. You will look great!

Have you been wanting more? Take a look at our wholesale earrings stores. You have hundreds of combinations and ideas for your earring combos.
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