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What Can Refrigeration Trailers Be Used For?


If someone mentions a refrigeration trailer to you, what is the first thing you think about? Often, people will reply that they think this equipment is for food. Indeed, these types of trailers are often used in the restaurant and food industry. But, you may be surprised to know that this equipment is versatile and can be used across a whole lot of different industries too. Let’s take a look at the various ways you can use a refrigeration trailer.


First on the list is medicine. There are certain medicines that must be stored in cold refrigerated spaces so that they remain effective. If this environment is jeopardised, it can mean that they are less effective. In fact, there are some that can even become toxic. A lot of hospitals and medical centres will have a certain amount of storage set aside for their medications. 

But, with growing numbers of patients and their needs, there is always a requirement for more storage. Indeed, this is where refrigeration trailers are being used more and more. They are being hired by a range of medical institutions so that they can respond to their growing requirements. You can read more about medical cold storage hire at icecooltrailers.co.uk/blog-posts. The good thing about these trailers is that they are lockable for safety, as well as able to maintain a specific temperature for medicines. Plus, they can be more cost-effective for a range of healthcare professionals.

Perishable Food

Of course, refrigeration trailers are common when it comes to storing food. We all know that there are some foods that require constant refrigeration and they are perishable at certain temperatures. So, this is when this type of trailer comes in. It can act as additional storage for shops, cafes and restaurants. They are becoming very popular for food since they can be positioned almost anywhere. Hiring one is also a lot cheaper than investing in some types of cold storage.


In addition to certain medicines, vaccines should be kept at specific temperatures too. Again, this is to preserve their quality and to ensure that they are going to help patients that receive them. In particular, there are vaccines that have to be kept at stable temperatures. Otherwise, this can jeopardise how effective they are. 

So, this is where a refrigeration trailer would be best. It is able to maintain a set temperature and ensure the vaccines are stored correctly before use. For example, this is something that had to happen with COVID-19 vaccines. They had to be kept at a certain temperature and trailers were able to make sure everywhere had access to them.


How cosmetics are stored is very important. Namely, if cosmetics are exposed to warm temperatures they can melt, as well as go off and not be at their best. This is something that brands do not want to happen before they get to the customer. It will give them a bad reputation. So, what do brands do? They use cold storage for the cosmetics they have. This way, they can keep them at the right temperature to preserve their quality. Then, they can be presented in the best way for customers to enjoy.

Fresh Flowers

Perhaps you have never thought much about the floral industry. You just walk into a local florist and choose a lovely bunch that you like. But, this industry relies on cold storage in order to preserve their beautiful and fresh flowers. Not a lot of people realise that when you cut flowers, you have to work hard to keep them fresh. This includes plenty of water, as well as a cool temperature. This prevents the discolouration and wilting that happens. Thus, a florist may use a refrigeration trailer for cold storage so that they can keep their flowers in great condition for customers.


Did you realise that some technology has to be stored at certain cool temperatures? This is not common knowledge but it is very important for companies to make sure that the technology is in good condition. For instance, these can be batteries for devices or even some photosensitive films. 

Consequently, companies have to invest a lot in cold storage so that their technology can be preserved and ready for customers to enjoy. For instance, a refrigeration trailer might be the best way for them to do this. It can be stored outdoors so that it does not take up valuable space. But, at the same time, it can maintain the quality of technology.

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