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What are the 8 most common Fears? Different types of Phobias


Fear is a normal emotion that is present in every human being. Sometimes because of these Phobias and Fear person might suffer from serious diseases even. Paralyzing fears of any particular place, thing, or situation that is scary for the person is known as phobias. 

8 most common phobias/fear are enlisted:

  1. Anthrophobia
  2. Arachnophobia
  3. Acrophobia
  4. Claustrophobia
  5. Mysophobia
  6. Paruresis
  7. Necrophobia
  8. Astraphobia

1) Social phobia/Anthrophobia: Fear of people

Fear of being embarrassed in front of people whom the unknown person is called social phobia. In the starting stage, it might be experienced when the person fears public speaking, but sometimes people fear doing everyday things even. In the common activities like eating food, writing anything, 

Social phobias are widely termed as social anxiety disorders, and this disease affects more than 10 million men, kids and women equally. But some people overcome this disease easily and start enjoying with everyone. For getting relief from this phobia person have to start a conversation. 

2) Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders

It’s not a strange thing for anyone to fear certain animals like snakes, spiders, tigers and other animals. This may be something which goes in the childhood and after reaching certain age those things left from the mind. But when an animal’s extreme level of fear persists to adulthood, it goes away without the proper treatment. Fear of animals is the standard type of specific phobia or Arachnophobia found in anyone. 

People sometimes fear going to the room where spiders or small insects are present. These fear can destroy the whole life quickly without any cause. People get afraid of the animals and start believing that they will eat or harm them. 

3) Acrophobia: fear of heights

This is another type of specific Phobias and Fear that certainly suits the unreasonable cause for the fear or panic from height. With the particular height phobia, mostly women are found with this issue. This fear starts from childhood, but with reaching adulthood, it decreases, and somehow it ends. Many people use the specific term vertigo to describe the fear of heights. 

With the fear of height, people don’t go to height places. Travelling through any height will frighten him; he might behave unusually and even shock others. Taking such a person to height is a risk to others even. Doctors might help the person to come back to the normal stage. 

4) Claustrophobia: Fear of closed space

Another common Phobias and fear that most people face are close in space; it is widely termed claustrophobia. Like the other phobias, this phobia is more commonly found in women. The specific phobias are estimated to affect more than 20 million people. It may develop a traumatic childhood event that is trapped in the closet. 

Those suffering from this issue might not be comfortable while using the lift alone. They might be waiting for someone or else using the stairs. It is not a significant issue for everyone, but those who have this fear are relevant to death even. 

5) Mysophobia: fear of germs

This might sound abnormal, but some people still fear germs. Mysophobia is common in American people. The medical term for this phobia is mysophobia, which is related to obsessive-compulsive disorder. It might show some severe symptoms only for someone suffering from that issue. 

The symptom might include obsessive washing and fear of public space. On the television, many doctors refer to who to come out from this issue, and people even try to come from this phobia.

6) Paruresis: Shy bladder phobia

It is a type of phobia which have never heard of is paruresis. This might be new for many people; this phobia is also referred to as shy bladder syndrome, considered a social anxiety disorder. People who have this phobia are afraid of urinating in the public bathroom, It sounds weird, but it’s a fact.

The fear may put the person to travel long distances; a person can only go to his office, school, and work. The fear may start with any event with the person in childhood. Some studies prove that this phobia is actual, and some people are still affected by this phobia. 

7) Necrophobia: Fear of death

This is the common fear which might everyone present over the world have. Everyone is frightened to death, but some people don’t. In this phobia, the person might fear any dead thing or getting dead. In this condition, the person is asked to stay away from the place where dead bodies are present. 

8) Astraphobia: Fear of storms

Understandably, everyone fears lightning and thunder. Since the sound can even kill anyone with a heart attack, this fear can start from any age, and it is found in every man and woman. 


Fear and phobias are common in life for getting it away, and the person has to focus on himself. Working over the phobia will let it decrease anxiety and remain happy. Doctors are present worldwide to help out people who are suffering from different types of phobia.

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