Top Five Mobile application Testing tools

Software Testing as a service is an essential and rigorous process which involves use of various automated and manual testing tools and techniques. These testing tools vary for different operating systems. 

Here are some tools for iOS and Android devices that can come in handy to the software testing service providers and can help you get the best testing experience. 


It is perhaps the most popular testing tool in the software development industry which supports Google Chrome on Android devices and Safari app on iOS devices. Hence the Quality assurance testers can run tests on various platforms according to their requirements. Appium is a self sufficient tool and automates several applications irrespective of their internal code and programming language.


When there is need to conduct black box testing on any software or application on Android devices, Robotium is something to rely on. It supports Testing on real devices and real time environment to yield accurate and faster results.


A visual testing tool with relatively simple test scripts, which enables the end users to participate in user experience testing for the best user interface (UI). 


It is a great mobile screening tool for gaming or other purposes and is the best for the screen capturing. Testers can also use Lightshot without installing the app separately. 


This tool is an efficient and quick tool to run user interface (UI) tests for both Android and iOS app testing. TestComplete is widely trusted by Quality Assurance independent software testing services firms. 


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