These are the friendliest states in the US

If you consider moving to another place, one of the things you are probably wondering is if the people are friendly over there. In fact, questions like “Am I going to fit in?”, “Will people be nice to me?”, and “Will I have real friends there?” are what usually bothers us. The similar things apply when we want to spend a vacation somewhere, go to a college, or just satisfying out adventurous thirst for traveling. Finding out the friendliest states in the US is not a hard task but it’s not an easy one either. However, taking some time to research what others have to say about it can be very helpful.

Why it is important to be familiar with the friendliest states in the US?

Well, it’s not so utterly important but it can prove to be very useful. Many of us would like to have their life planned in advance. Everything from where we are going to work to where we are going to live. However, the reality is that we never know for sure what the future will bring and having some useful information in our sleeve can’t hurt. Maybe one day we will decide that starting over in Texas is a good idea. Maybe another day we will consider living in some colder area. No matter what the reasons are, knowing you can find a friendly face wherever you go is a big plus.


Tennessee is one of the states that have a classic Southern charm. Because of the rich musical and cultural spirit, it comes as natural that people over there are welcoming. Being a part of that tightens the bonds between people which is especially noticeable throughout their traditional eagerness to help other people. It’s no wonder this state is called Volunteer State. Also, the great natural scenes and surroundings help people stay away from the rush of the big metropolitan areas. As an outsider, you will have no hard time to quickly find a few friends more than willing to make you feel like local. In fact, it’s completely ordinary for people in Tennessee to ask you how you are doing, even if you are a stranger. Want a family-friendly place to start a small business and enjoy, you will make no mistake with Tennessee.

People rafting on their day off.
It’s easy to find a crew to enjoy various activities.


The first thing you will notice about this southeastern state is that it’s a specific mixture of rural and urban areas. It’s no hustle at all to get to know people even in more urban cities like Atlanta. Why? People are simply very kind and welcoming and many newcomers appreciate that. If you ask someone to help you with something, don’t be surprised if they take an extra mile just to be helpful. In fact, if the reputation is true, people in Georgia seriously take to their hearts if anything bad happens to anyone. It may be hot in Georgia, but it’s definitely a place to belong to.


Being a part of the South Atlantic region, Virginia is a wonderful place to visit and to live in. Having such a rich history, you can literally spend weeks just trying to visit all the historical battlefields and other points of interest. While someone can have the impression that it’s very traditional and expect that people will be wary of strangers, it’s not like that at all. People there are welcoming and you can soon find yourself in a very friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, the further you go to the countryside, the more open people are. The reason is that its highly urban areas are becoming a popular destination for people coming from big cities. Who, as a result, bring their own fears and doubts.


Even in big cities like Dallas, you can expect heartwarming greetings like “Howdy!” Texans are known for their tight and friendly communities where they really take care of their members. And, they are very proud of their state and culture so you will see the famous star everywhere. But proud doesn’t mean arrogant, so if there is anything you need don’t hesitate to ask. The friendly culture is really on a higher level. For example, if you ask for a direction, expect that some of the locals will even take you there, not only point the direction. If you decide that Texas is your future home, you can expect that companies like will completely reflect all of that Texas friendly spirit.

People riding horses in Texas.
Texas is one of the friendliest states in the US with some of the most unique activities.

South Carolina

Just by going through South Carolina you will feel that famous welcoming and friendly southern atmosphere first hand. People over there are kind and hospitable with their both legs on the ground. You will have the opportunity to try their unique cuisine prepared with heart, and feel like a part of the family without any reservations. Places like Charleston and Myrtle Beach will quickly grow to your heart even after spending just a small amount of time with their residents.


The first thing that comes to our mind when we say Hawaii is that it is a paradise. One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Not only it is a beautiful state because of the surroundings but the people over there are exceptionally friendly. They are following the true Aloha spirit in order to make every other person feel good. Simply put, being friendly is a part of their culture and they don’t intend to change that. Expect to see a lot of smiling and be ready to stay positive and smile back.

Word “Aloha” written in the sand in Hawaii, which is one of the friendliests states in the US.
It’s a place made for love and happiness.

Even though the US is a pretty large and diverse country you can expect to find a friendly face at its every corner. As it may be, like anywhere else in the world, some places are better than others. And of course, some situations can lead to bad experiences. However, one thing is sure: if you are among decent people, it will matter not if they are in town or in rural parts of the state. You can always expect to find a kind soul and hospitality in one of the friendliest states in the US. And there are many like that.

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