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The Ultimate Six Secrets of Beating the Challenges of Hiring a Russian Translator


It can be challenging to judge the work quality in the Russian language that you might not understand. But hiring a reliable and skilled Russian translator is a prerequisite for the successful globalization of business.

Whether it’s communicating with customers or clients, or your internal communication with your global team, having a frictionless and glitchless communication is essential for your business.

Here are six secrets of hiring perfect Russian translators:

  1. Look out for an experienced professional.

Being bilingual doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the person can translate. Translation requires knowledge of language rules and that of literature. To make sure your communication is in good hands, look out for experience or some form of professional degree. It would be best if the translator has some experience or some knowledge of your field.

  1. Make sure they understand the culture.

Knowing and understanding the Russian culture is extremely important. The statement holds for both b2b and b2c translations. You don’t want to upset your clients or your employees with some culturally insensitive comments. Hiring a English to Russian translator is especially crucial for your b2c communications. Communication can make or break your brand. You don’t want to come across as tone-deaf or insensitive towards your culture.

Remember, it is not enough to translate. Content localization is equally essential. I.e., adapting the content to be culturally and locally relevant.

To make sure you are clear of the controversies, select a Russian translator who has cultural knowledge.

  1. Be specific while giving the job and role description.

It is necessary to be on the same page as your translator. When you roll out a requirement, or ask a recruiter to look for a translator, be specific with your requirement. List down all the functions the translator would be involved and what is expected of him. Be it daily time commitment, industry experience, past samples, degree or diploma, etc.

Share briefs with your translator to make them understand the plan of communication.

  1. Look out for the subject-specific experience.

This is especially true for technical fields like medical, law, finance, and likewise. Miscommunication in these fields can cost a life or turn into a real bad legal issue.

Words and terminology used can sometimes be challenging to understand in the native language, let alone translate it. Look for translators who have prior experience or knowledge of that specific field.

  1. Give a job-specific assignment or test.

The best way to select from shortlisted candidates is to assign them a small task that is related to your requirement, preferably paid. This will give you a base to judge the translator that is best suited for your company. This is also an excellent way to evaluate new translators with no experience.

  1. If budget permits: hire an editor along.

It is always a wise idea to have another set of eyes to go through the document. The editor can improve/enhance translation. Consider this, especially for your marketing copies and blogs. This is also important for book translations, be it short stories, novels, comics, etc.

Follow these steps to make sure you hire a suitable Russian translator for your business.

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