In this era of globalization, the expanding businesses beyond the borders gave birth to the necessity of transportation services. One of the most important ones is the cold chain service. Being a global business hub and hot climate country UAE is on top of the list in need of chiller transportation. Pharmaceutical goods,  food items, perfumes, and flowers and many more businesses need temperature-controlled delivery to keep their products safe and fresh on their road trip.

1797 was the year when British fishermen used ice to insulate their fish stockpiles. In 1930, Frederick Jones formulated and patented a mobile air-cooling unit for trucks holding perishable food. By the late 1930s, refrigerated rail cars and trucks were used to transport perishable foods on long distances. The Interstate Highway Act of 1956 facilitated the fast growth of the cold chain industry.

Fridge transport not only brought great comfort to the consumers but also boosted worldwide businesses resulting in a great contribution to the economy. 

Delivery process consuming either a few minutes to reach that target place or more than an hour on the road, the perishable items can remain fresh and healthy only in a temperature-controlled compartment. Products that include temperature-sensitive articles such as blood, plasma, and others are vulnerable and chemical alterations can take place in them if they are not kept in a refrigerated truck or fleet during transportation. 

It appears to be essential for manufacturers and distributors to hire chiller trucks or vans to deliver cold products. Oppositely, contamination is a serious danger to both the business and the health of the customers.

What is temperature-controlled freight? 

Refrigerated vehicles, reefer fleets, freezer vans, chiller trucks are used to transport vulnerable goods that are sensitive to climate as in UAE. Perishable commodities require special cold storage and cold transport to maintain stable temperatures from the dock to dock. 

To protect products from extreme climate effects and humidity insulated containers are highly recommended. Reflective materials like radiant barrier films expanded polystyrene foam, and rigid polyurethane foam also provides heat protection during cold shipment.  Gel coolants and dry ice is used for some cold items but gel coolants are more desirable than wet ice during transit as wet ice is heavier and has the potential to leak during transport. Although these measures are used and are cheaper in cold transportation, none of them can compete with reefer fleets and freezer vans.

Why hire a chiller transportation service

No doubt,  global enterprises can easily afford their own freezer trucks but the small businesses can’t bear such expenses and the best solution for them is to hire a refrigerated van. Reefer freights enhance product shelf life maintaining quality and freshness. Before hiring these refrigerated trailers you must do a pre-inspection of the freezer vehicle.

  • Manufacturers and drivers should establish a pre-trip visual inspection of the chilling unit to make sure that the unit isn’t physically compromised by any means.
  • Fleets must start the pre-cooling process by setting it at the manufacturer’s desired temperature. 
  • Every consumer demands different temperature ranges according to his products.
  • Drivers must maintain fuel to keep the chilling unit in proper working position throughout the travel till destination.
  • Temperature standards that include the most of products are (13 °C), for “chill” (2 °C), for “frozen”  (-18 °C), and for “deep-frozen” (-29 °C). 
  • The general temperature range for refrigerated transport in pharmaceutical industries is 2 to 8 °C (36 to 46 °F),
  • Staying within the temperature range is crucial to the quality of a logistics, to prevent potential harm and secure optimal shelf life of the items.
  • Fleets must optimize the cooling of refrigeration units to avoid risks caused by airflow.

To enrich airflow within the freezer trailer owners may follow these steps:

  • Install door switches which can automatically on and off the chilling unit when the door is opened and closed. It helps a lot in maintaining the required temperature and compensates airflow effects.
  • Maintain cooling by stimulating airflow and circulation from the front of the trailer to the back. It minimizes the risk of hot spots, particularly around temperature-sensitive freight. An air tube circulates which lessens the hazard of short cycling.

Components of the cold Transport

The freezer transport needs three major components, each of which must integrate to assure safe delivery of products with integrity and wholesomeness

  • Reefer transport and storage equipment
  • Well trained faculty
  • Valuable management techniques.

Hire a trusted cold freight service provider

When your products need to be delivered at very specific temperatures, and you are opting to hire chiller van rental in UAE, the company you select must not be limited by proficiency or appliances. A large number of incorporated, temperature-controlled shipping solutions proposed by freight service providers offer you to avail of the temperature-controlled truckload. This expands your business preferences and can positively impact your budget.

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