Best Tools to Repair Corrupted Image Files on Windows 10

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What if your image files are corrupted? Sure, they are important to you. If you’re wondering how to repair corrupted image files on Windows 10, think no further.  Download professional photo repairing tools that can process your images and repair them.

There can be various reasons why your image files get corrupted: improper transfer of files between devices, incorrect file recovery after deletion, a virus infection, cyber-attacks, etc. 

There are so many tools available that it becomes difficult to find the one that works perfectly. This article explores some legitimate image file repair tools to help you with corrupted image files. These tools work with Windows 10.

  1. Stellar Repair for Photo 

It is one of the most recommended photo repair tools out there. The repair process is pretty straightforward:

a. Click Add File to add photos you want to repair.

b. Select Repair.

c. Preview the repaired photos and save them.

The most prominent feature of Stellar Repair for Photo is that you can simultaneously process multiple image files even if they are of a different format. Also, it works with any drive or media. The tool can extract embedded thumbnails of the images. It can also repair RAW images from a DSLR. Whether the photos are damaged due to a corrupt header, invalid image file structure, invalid marker, missing SOS marker, or corrupt data, Stellar Repair for Photo can repair them all.

There is an advanced image repair option for severely corrupted JPEG and HEIC image files. Here, you may use a sample healthy image of the same format to repair your corrupted image(s). 

  1. Picture Doctor

The name pretty much sums the description for this tool. It is a specialized recovery tool to recover damaged or corrupt JPEG files. The images are recovered while keeping the original dimensions and color palette intact. This tool is also suitable for repairing PSD files.

The tool eliminates defects in graphic files. It works with JPEG (EXIF, JFIF) and PSD files. However, the output file comes in BMP format. You have to convert this file into JPEG format yourself. The interface is quite simple. You just have to add files and hit the ‘Rescue Files’ button. It also supports batch image processing.

  1. PixRecovery

PixRecovery is a comprehensive and one of the best image repair tools that can repair multiple image file formats, including JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, or RAW images (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, .png). It’s a big plus if you are recovering multiple images of different formats.

The files are recovered in the BMP file format, but users do have a choice to save images in their preferred file format. The software can support RAW images from different cameras. Original image dimensions and color depth are also maintained while recovering the image. 

  1. File Repair

File Repair is an all-in-one solution, which offers file recovery not only for photos but also for Photoshop files, pdfs, emails, office documents, etc. This tool is free to use. You just need to opt for the JPEG repair software module while downloading it.

The tool can repair JPG, JPEG, and PNG. Similar to other tools, you can upload multiple files at once. The algorithm used for repairing photos is sophisticated and advanced, which restores your files to their pristine form.

  1. JPEG Recovery Pro

Although the name says Pro, the application is very easy-to-use. Just select files you want to restore, select the destination folder, and click the ‘Start Rescue’ button to repair your JPEG files. The recovery process begins immediately. 

By default, this tool stores files in Bitmap (BMP) file format. You can convert it to another file format of your choice.

The software preserves the original quality, dimensions, and color of the image.

  1. Sys Info Image Repair Tool

Sys Info Image Repair Tool is an intuitive, professional, and one of the best image repair tools that offer fast processing and recovery of corrupted images. The software can fix images of any format with ease. It also supports recovery from SD cards, memory cards, USB flash drives, etc.

The tool supports almost all file formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, MOS, MEF, PSP, etc. It also supports RAW file formats of popular cameras like Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony & so on. It supports recovery from both FAT & NTFS file systems.

You can preview the repaired image file before saving it to your desired location.

  1. JPEG Repair Shop

JPEG Repair Shop uses the concept of Minimum Coded Unit (MCU). It manipulates the internal structure of the file to repair it. 

The interface of this program is not user-friendly. You can preview MCUs at the pointer image. The selected box is also shown. You can insert MCU, remove MCU, and fix colors at the selected MCU with the program window’s options. You have to select the folder where you want the output image.

 You should back up your image files before using this tool.

  1. OneSafe JPEG Repair

If you are looking for a user-friendly application, this might be the best time and choice for you. OneSafe JPEG repair is a reliable program that repairs corrupted or damaged JPEG files.

. It can work with any storage device. The tool allows you to process multiple files at once and preview the repaired files.

Unfortunately, the drag-and-drop feature is not available in this tool. You have to add the image files in the main window manually.

So these were the most useful tools for repairing corrupted images on Windows 10. We hope you find the right tool that works for you.

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