QuickBooks Payroll Subscription Cancellation

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This article is illustrated on the complete idea of the cancellation of the QuickBooks payroll subscription. At first, the features of the QuickBooks payroll subscription will be discussed, then the detailed steps will be given to cancel the QuickBooks payroll subscription.

QuickBooks payroll subscription

The QuickBooks payroll subscription provides you the facility to use the features of payroll in QuickBooks. You will get basic to advanced level features of payroll in QuickBooks depending on your subscription plan. 

Things to do before canceling QuickBooks payroll subscription

  • If you want to cancel your QuickBooks payroll subscription you have to make sure that you have checked and done some important work in the payroll.
  • You must complete all the processes of your final payroll.
  • You must have to keep a printout of all-important payroll that can be needed in the future.

And if you pay your tax on payroll then you have to do two things. First, you should pay the annual tax and the second is to fill up the annual tax payment form. 

Cancelling QuickBooks payroll subscription- Steps

 You can cancel your QuickBooks payroll subscription by following some simple easy steps. They are: 

Step 1: Go to the payroll settings on the QuickBooks desktop. And select the gear icon.

Step 2: Then click on your subscription.

Step 3: you have to click on the unsubscribe payroll.

Step 4: Hit the continue button.

Step 5: Then click on the Download data. Remember you must click on this button, otherwise, your unsubscribe button will remain inactive. The download button is given in order to make sure that you have a copy of all information on your payroll.

Step 6: Now click the ok button.

Step 7: Then you have to log out from QuickBooks and do log in again to check your cancellation status of QuickBooks payroll subscription.

Now, your QuickBooks payroll subscription is canceled.

Is it possible to use QuickBooks payroll without a subscription?

After canceling the QuickBooks payroll subscription, one question may arise in your mind is it possible to use QuickBooks payroll without a subscription. The answer is yes, you can use the facility of QuickBooks payroll manually. To make your payroll manually you have to go offline, disconnect the internet connection.  At first, you have to set up the company preference before making your payroll manually.   You have to follow the following steps: 

Step 1: Go to the Edit option at the top and choose the preference.

Step 2: Then go to the left panel and choose the payroll and employment. 

Step 3: Then select the preference tab of the company.

Step 4: Find out the payroll features in the QuickBooks desktop and click on the button of Full payroll.

Step 5: click the ok button.

After setting up the preference of your company, you can make your own payroll manually. Just follow the following steps:

Step1: Go to the top side and click on the help button and then select the QuickBooks help option.

Step 2: Then search the manual payroll in the search area, and press enters on your keyboard.

Step 3: After that, you can see an option of calculating payroll manually or QuickBooks payroll without a subscription. Select that option.

Step 4:  Then you have to do the payroll calculation by filling the file as per the requirement of your company.

Step 5: Then select the link of set my company link to use the payroll calculation manually.  QuickBooks will insert the zero amount automatically in the payroll item which does not have any tax after the setting up of your company file for manual payroll.

Step 6: Then close the QuickBooks desktop and open it again. 

Is the QuickBooks payroll really worthy?

QuickBooks gives the payroll service both online and offline. And the monthly service charge is also cheap. It has several plans. If you are looking for such a platform that provides the facility of accounting software with the payroll service, then QuickBooks is the best choice. QuickBooks automatically record all the data of amount, tax, and deduction after having run the payroll.


You can easily unsubscribe from the QuickBooks payroll subscription and choose the manual payroll option.  If you feel the need for the subscription you can again purchase that plan.

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