Places to visit in Hollywood, FL after moving there

So, you have recently moved to Hollywood in the Sunshine State, or you are planning to move there? Nice move either way! It is a very beautiful city with a lot of things to visit. Florida is one of the most beautiful states in the US, and Hollywood is one of Florida’s prettiest cities. It is not too large, but it is not to small either. It is the twentieth largest city in Florida with a population of around 150 thousand people. Nevertheless, Hollywood is a rich place with a lot of things to visit and explore. You will want to know your new place, and this is where we step in. We are going to show you the top places to visit in Hollywood, FL. So, without further ado, let’s explore some things you can do and visit in Hollywood in Florida.

If you haven’t moved to Hollywood, Fl yet, read this first

Hollywood is one of the most beautiful cities in Florida, but moving there can be challenging. Especially if you are moving from another state. The state of Florida is quite large, and moving on your own to Hollywood is not recommended. This is why you need to hire a moving company like Purple Heart Moving Group.

Moving on your own to Hollywood (or to any other state) is a big no-no, and there are few reasons why. First of all, moving on your own can easily cost you more than moving with the help of a moving company. Consider the costs and the time you will spend if you decide to move on your own. If you decide to move without the help of a moving company, you’ll have to carry large amounts of stuff. Some of that stuff is heavy and bulky, and some of that stuff is even fragile and easily breakable. You’ll have to carry large mirrors, furniture, tables, and other heavy stuff. And do you have the right transportation for them? Probably not. And moving companies have the highest quality tires for their trucks. You probably don’t even have a truck.

Truck and lorry as one
You don’t have appropriate heavy machinery

And while you are moving that stuff, you can easily hurt yourself. And accidents are not so rare. If you hurt yourself, you’ll have to go to the hospital. And we are all aware of the expenses of healthcare. Medical costs can easily be higher than the costs tied to hiring a moving company that serves in Hollywood in Florida. And if you disregard those costs, hurting or wounding yourself is really bad on its own. So, do the right thing and hire a reliable moving company when moving to a new neighborhood in Hollywood.

Top places to visit in Hollywood, FL

Now when we got the benefits of hiring a moving company out of the way, we can move our attention to more interesting stuff. Hollywood, FL is famous for its cultural manifestations. Many concerts, shows, and other cultural things are the staples of Hollywood. And of course, there are many other places you can visit in Hollywood, FL. Also, Hollywood should be considered as one of the best cities to start a small business.  So, let’s begin our exploration of top places to visit in Hollywood, Fl.

Music festival is one of the top places to visit in Hollywood, FL.
Hollywood is famous for its music festivals. Artspark is one of the top places to visit in Hollywood, FL.

The Artspark

Historic Downtown Hollywood is a lively cultural and commercial district. Many artists and entrepreneurs are going to Historic Downtown of Hollywood. Historic Downtown Hollywood hosts many concerts, dance exhibitions, art exhibits, shows, and many more. If you are a music person, Hollywood, FL is a place for you. Jazz, rock, EDM, classical and many other genres are being played in Hollywood. You can almost say that Hollywood in Florida is Mecca of music in the Sunshine State. They even have a name for the artistic part of Hollywood, Fl. It is called the Artspark at Young Circle. So, if you enjoy the arts, go to the Artspark. You will have a great time there.

Art and Culture Center

Continuing with arts, the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood is an attraction for culture buffs. You can find there a gigantic range of art exhibits. And all of that under one roof. It has a selection of galleries that feature modern sculpture and paintings. Also, there are a lot of other things you can visit in the Art and Culture center, like stage performances, shows, dance recitals, and concerts. So, if you want to enjoy the culture of Hollywood, FL, visit both the Artspark and the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood in Florida.

Anniversary Park

If you found yourself in the downtown area, and if you want to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in Hollywood, take a moment of your time and visit Anniversary Park. There you can find one of the most beautiful landscaping in the entire city. Anniversary Park is known for its beautiful foliage which includes magnolia and oak trees that provide natural shade and protection from notorious Florida heat. Also, it has many flower gardens and spectacular bamboo groves. Anniversary Park is full of different species of animals and plants, and there you can experience nature in its fullest, and all of that in the middle of an urban area. Many parents bring their children there, and those children are very happy and excited when they go to Anniversary Park. They exercise there, and you can do a part of your healthy lifestyle there too.

Beautiful swamp
There are many parks in Hollywood

Cinema Paradiso

As you can see, Hollywood in Florida is a city that cherishes the arts. So, if you are a movie buff, and if you like independent production movies and art house films, then go to Cinema Paradiso. Is the name fitting? Cinema Paradiso hosts a large number of independent and art house films in their intimate movie theater. Many young and independent directors and authors present their movies to an audience that enjoys that kind of movie. So, if you want to see some alternatives from Hollywood in Californa, visit Hollywood in Florida. They may even have better movies than those from California.

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