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OBD2 App Review: 5 Best OBD2 Apps for iPhone/Android 2019


OBD2 applications are the perfect companion for every car owner. While many OBD2 devices come with their own applications, there are several OBD2 scanners work on iOS and Android devices which integrate seamlessly with third-party applications. This is important, as the functionality of the scanner depends entirely on the software used.

With that said, picking the right OBD2 software for your vehicle can be somewhat challenging. I tested more than 30 OBD2 applications and rounded up the best 5 applications among them. Some of the things that I was looking out for include responsiveness, key features, proven benefits and functionality of the applications.

Best OBD2 Apps for iPhone

1. OBD2 Fusion

Developed by OCTech LLC, OBD2 Fusion is one of the most popular OBD2 application on the market. It’s available on both the Android and iOS platforms.

When used alongside a supported OBD2 Bluetooth scanner, the application is able to read and erase any diagnostic trouble codes. On top of that, it will also display any important freeze frame data.

What I really loved about this application is that it will give you the car owner, a full diagnostic report. Upon receiving the report, many car owners may try to fix their cars on their own. However, it’s highly advisable to always leave the work to a professional.


  • Multiple trip metres
  • Real time graphing
  • GPS tracking
  • Allows users to create custom enhanced PIDs


  • Does not support European vehicle models

Compatible Devices

  1. OBDLink MX
  2. OBDLink MX WiFi

2. Dash Command

Though Dash Command is not as popular as OBDAutodoctor or OBD2 Fusion, it’s still one of the most efficient OBD2 iOS application. The application works extremely well, and it’s easy to use making it ideal for beginners.

Moreover, Dash Command allows users to create stunning virtual dashboards with numerous styles. Thanks to Dash’s, Dash XL technology, the sophisticated dashboards look great on all screen sizes.

Connecting your smartphone to a supported OBD2 vehicle requires a Wi-fi and a supported OBD2 device.


  • Impressive visual commands
  • Wide array of gauges for monitoring the performance of the vehicle
  • Diagnostic scanning tools
  • Multiple performance indicators


  • Visual displays are quite complex for beginners

Compatible Devices

  1. OBD2 Wifi
  2. Kiwi 3

3. OBDAutodoctor

OBDAutodoctor is another top-rated OBD2 application. It’s considered to be one of the best OBD2 application on the iOS platform.

What really impressed me about OBDAutodoctor is how easily users can interact with their OBD II devices. If you want to know more about your car, then the OBDAutodoctor is a must have application.

Whether you want to monitor data in real time or reset the check engine light, the OBDAutodoctor is the only software that you need. However, before using this software, I highly recommend that you try out its Lite version. The Lite version will assist you in getting to know more about the software.


  • Allows users to change graphical or numerical view of the sensor data
  • Users can send data via email
  • Supports transmission and engine data
  • Users can choose between metric and imperial units


  • Challenges with accuracy on fuel consumption (diesel vehicles only)
  • Problems with adapters (ELM327 only)

Compatible Devices

  1. Veepeak Mini Scanner

Best OBD2 Android Software

  1. OBD Car Doctor

The OBD Car Doctor is a functional application that reads data sent directly from your OBD2 device. Upon reading the data, the application will then report real-time On-board diagnostics parameters. The parameters reported include temperature, speed, pressure, angle of rotation and many others.

The application also allows users to draw charts using real-time data. Like any other reliable OBD2 application, OBD Car Doctor checks your vehicle engine light.


  • Allows data sharing and storage
  • Records parameters in the background
  • Allows sending and viewing of recorded parameters
  • GPS supported


  • Unstable connection with low priced adapters
  • Issues with Bluetooth connection

Supported Devices

  1. Kiwi 3
  2. Veepeak  OBD Check
  3. Carista
  4. Tonwon Pro

2. OBDLink

Last but not least, OBDLink is a highly-recommended OBD2 software that allows full customisation of the dashboard. It also allows users to select some of the features that they use the most. What really makes OBDLink a top rated Android app is its ability to perform emission tests and read live data.

On top of that, OBDLink allows users to check trouble codes as well as verify fuel consumption. Thus, customising the dashboard is an easy and straightforward process. With this software, you can also easily perform GPS tracking and record trip information.


  • Easy to use thanks to the customisation options
  • Ad-free
  • Free unlimited updates
  • Works quickly
  • Sends email diagnostics reports quickly


  • Will hang in a few cars
  • Supported by Android 4.3 and above

Supported Adapters

  1. OBDLink LX
  2. OBDLink MX
  3. OBDLink SX

The bottom line

The use of OBD2 scanner is now a must for car owner. Together with the wireless technology of wifi and Bluetooth, developers has turned your smartphone to be your home mechanic via OBD2 application.

All in all, what you should know before downloading an app is the compatibility, features and detectors, subscription model and technical support. I have just listed the pros and cons, supported devices of the five best OBD2 applications for both iOS and Android. Now you have your mechanical data visualized on your phone, such application on smartphone make your car obviously a smarter vehicle.

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