Mittal Traders Provide Best Cotton Spun


Mittal Traders provide as many different cotton spun as possible to use in dressmaking, quilting and sewing projects. Although blue is our favorite color due to popular demand we have popped a few autumnal plains into the range this season that work well with the cotton spun in India. Our stock changes all the time and sometimes sells out before it even hits the website. It is always worth visiting us at shows to view all the new lines. It you can’t see what you are looking for just drop us an email and we will do our best to advice. We are engaged in activity and trading Spun Cotton cloth, sourced from acknowledged names of the business. Our purchasers can buy from us the desired vary of materials under cost-efficient vary and during a many colors.

Characteristics of textile spun yarn:-

• Dull or flat in appearance

• Rough to touch

• Made up of natural cotton, flax or wool staple fibers

• Individual fiber length varies

• Larger and wider in diameter than filament fiber yarns

• Fuzzy look and feel, fiber ends protrude from yarn

• An uneven number of fibers throughout

• vary from soft, loose construction to hard finished, fine twist yarns

• Thick and thin areas highly twisted

• Fall apart when untwisted

• Composed of short staple fibers of a precise length

• Natural textural appearance and feel

• Bulkier to the feel

• Provide good covering power

• Snagging depends on fabrics structure

• Pilling depends on fiber content

Soft Spun Poly Fleece or otherwise called Spun Polyester is formed by spinning 100% polyester fibers into yarns. These yarns are then taken and made into thread which consists of two or three ply constructions. If you have the seemingly impossible task of evaluating apron quality, here is a frustration saving solution for you. Look at lint at bay when 100% cotton or a Poly Cotton apron has been dried. Those little fibers are from the apron. After a few washings, the apron needs to be replaced. Not so with the new Spun Poly aprons. By using Spun Poly you may not need to worry concerning one among your workers drying his or her uniform at the incorrect temperature and reducing the scale of their uniform or apron.

Spun Poly can keep an equivalent size if you’ve got washed it one or one hundred times. One issue to appreciate concerning spun poly is that it’s not all created equal. The spun poly threads will be created in 2 other ways. The first and fewer quality manner is by employing a ring twisting machine which may cause imperfections within the thread. The second way to create the threads is by using a 2 to 1 twisting technology which reduces thread and needle breaks. The only cotton we have a tendency to use is 100% combed and ring-spun.

That means the raw cotton is virtually scrutinized to get rid of impurities then it’s ring-spun to make a protracted, nice strand of yarn. That yarn is was our cloth, which has a super tight weave, smooth consistency and creates an ideal surface to print on. A lot of our competitors use carded open-end cloth, which results in a really scratchy and heavy tee. We’re undecided concerning you, but that doesn’t sound like something we want to wear. Our 100% cotton may be a thirty single, which means it’s a considerably softer hand.


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