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Live Shopping in 2021


Live shopping has become one of the hottest trends which has flourished very well after the pandemic as retailers the importance of this virtual approach of shopping amid the non-contact era. The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed millions of consumers to shop and interact with different brands and retailers online, and many have decided to follow the trend even after the pandemic ends.

This blog discusses various benefits and also shares insights on how to use live streaming commerce optimally so Read on!

What is Live shopping?

To understand the term live shopping you need to recall the time when people used to watch the TVCs and buy products during the mid 80’s. Now this Livestream e-commerce has been digitised with the technology.

Despite the limitation that the pandemic has set up for us, the e-commerce industry was on its rise and live shopping played an important role by depicting how the future shopping world would look like. Furthermore, brands and influencers are collaborating to make it mainstream.

Role of influencer in making live shopping a success

A face matters greatly when hosting a live stream show. Similarly to the 80’ and 90’s era where celebrity endorsements were popular, influencer collaborations for live commerce are quite famous today.

Customers are attracted to public figures and they tend to trust brands which these public figures endoss. Hence influencer marketing has opened up the doors to find and reach customers.

Customers before buying products online always look up for the feedback or product recommendations from people they trust and with such influencers it has become easy to build that trust in the customers and grab their attention towards products and brands. While many businesses were falling during the pandemic, the livestream ecommerce took a different turn and bloomed.

Live commerce offers a similar experience as that of in-store shopping where sellers and buyers interact while buying a product and instead this way of shopping feels more interactive and fun. Ecommerce shopping has always been liked and enjoyed and is one of the fastest and convenient ways of shopping but brands and people have been looking for a solution that could empower interaction during the course of online shopping. This gave a boost to video commerce and livestream ecommerce.

Steps for making live shopping a success

  • Have a defined and clear strategy: Before you began to host a live shopping event just determine the main purpose of your event, choose a live streaming shopping platform for your event, choosing the right platform is a must as you need the maximum viewers for a successful video streaming shopping event and promoting is again the most crucial aspect as people will only get to know about your event when they have the complete information of the live stream such as time, date, guest etc of your event.
  • Make a plan: To make anything successful and right all you need to do is plan it accordingly. Determine the length of your live commerce event as it should not be too small or too long. Prepare your content before you host your live shopping show.
  • While hosting a broadcast:  Never forget to welcome your audience as the first impression depicts a lot about your brand and it helps to build a connection with viewers. Explain and share details about all you are going to do while hosting, try to encourage your audience by asking them questions and by solving their queries related to your brand or products you are showcasing.
  • Summing up: Just as you welcomed your audience never forget to thank them for participating in your live show as they are the ones who helped you to host a successful live streaming event. Summarise all the points at the end so that if anyone of them has missed any important point, they can recall it.


Buyers across the globe are looking for an interactive shopping experience by just sitting at their homes. With the help of our live shopping solution, you can now engage and interact with your audience in real-time. If you are planning to bring out some changes in your business model by incorporating some latest trends then you must visit or email us at info@channelize.io.

With our live streaming shopping platform you will be able to see positive effect on the following:

  • Cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Average session time
  • Organic traffic
  • Returning visitor rate
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