Know About Vulgarity Plates


Have you heard of vulgarity number plates? Did you ever come through a number plate that sounds vulgar?

For example, CUII NNT

The spelling and spacing of this private number plate are not ideal. But, when the car attaching this number plate with such letters and alphabets passes by, the entire number plate spells a single word that strikes the heart straightaway. The said price of this number plate was £6,000.

Once, the directing manager of Absolute Reg, Jake Smith thought that this kind of private number plate will be sold to a particular type of person who has a typical sense of humor. According to him, “this one takes the biscuit.” Also, he assured that the number plate is completely legal to buy and use on the public roads.

Let’s talk in details about vulgarity plates:

The DVLA takes the hurdles to censor any alpha-numeric combinations that are used for creating vulgar-sounding private number plates before they hit the market. A list of banned number plates is being released twice a year so that people can know and have fun by realizing that tax money is being disbursed for government workers to think dirty names that can be placed on private number plates.

The DVLA holds the right to force car drives to give up their vulgarity plates if spotted on public road. So, it can be assumed that ‘CUII NNT’ can stay for some time and may be withdrawn after that.

Let’s check out other vulgarity private number plates:

WETFART:- The driver of this number plate got a personalized letter from the respective authorities. The individual has been told to relinquish the private number plate.

ORG45M: In 2015, a person had this number plate. But, in the year 2016, no one could own a personalized number plate showing OR66ASM.

BI6 BUT: This private number plate was street legal until the year 2015.

An announcement has been made by the DVLA in the last year about banning of some obscene registration plates. One is not supposed to display a number plate that can spread political, religious, and racial offence. Again, if a number plate refers to a private part of body, then it is not allowed to be used on road.

The list contains some regular offenders like BU19 GER, AS19 OLE, and DO19 POO.

Now, showing some political-minded private number plates that are added in the banned list:

  • EU19 SHT
  • EU19 OUT

The vast majority of the personalized number plates are safe and are allowed to display on the public roads. But, the DVLA will hold any number plate displaying combinations that can cause offense or any kind of embarrassment.

Coming to the latest list of banned private number plates following the ‘20’ number plates’ introduction in March:

The DVLA releases a new list of banned number plates’ combinations every six months. These number plates are considered offensive or rude.

Some number plates from the banned list are:

  • A20 RSE
  • BU20 GER
  • B20 OMB
  • M20 RON.
  • EU20 BAD
  • SO20 OMY

A spokesperson from the DVLA said that a huge majority of registration numbers are made obtainable. But, the DVLA holds back any such combinations that can lead to embarrassment, offense, or are poor in taste.

There are more than 50 m registrations available on the website of the DVLA. Again, endless possibilities of combinations are there that are enough to suit people’s budget, interests, and tastes. The agency present at Swansea makes £160 million every year from the sale of personalized number plates.

Coming up with the new 70 plates that are banned:

  • B70 TCH
  • F70 OFF
  • G70 HLL
  • P70 EDO
  • T70 SSR
  • AS70 HOL
  • BO70 CKS

When asked to the drivers, 33% of them said that they wanted to own controversial or cheeky design compared to the 31% of drivers who wanted to display their name. Most of the drivers wish to find ways for personalizing their vehicles, show their status through private number plates, and purchase unique number plates. Whatever it is, one must stick to the strict guidelines and be careful not to show any vulgar words through personalized number plates. It is good to be creative and funny, but one must not show any offensive words displayed through private number plates.


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