Instagram may allow you to post videos of up to an hour long

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Instagram is a great marketing tool to enhance traffic to your vlog/blog many YouTube celebrities owe the credit to their fame to Instagram because you’re able to reach out to so many people,but one constraint that was damaging to these vloggers was the face that Instagram does not allow videos to be longer than a certain time period, which meant that YouTubers had to shorten their video’s of tutorials and skits in order to ensure that they comply with Instagram rules. If you offer a tutorial or you’re a blogger Instagram has something in store for you which means you don’t have to urge your followers to click on the link to view the full video the video can be viewed on your Instagram.

Instagram is currently considering getting rid of the video constraints that they have placed on those hoping to share their video’s, it is not yet certain whether Instagram would definitely execute this idea as the plan is still tentative, but according to a report by the Wall Street Journal there are definite plans to allow users to post videos that may be up to one hour long. This will make Instagram keep up with other social media wet such as YouTube and Facebook, this feature can allow its users to showcase more creativity via video logs. Great news for those who have more followers on Instagram than other social media pages.

Vertical videos would be preferred on Instagram as stated in the journal, currently, Instagram stories are designed to be tall it is said that the new format will only allow vertical videos instead of long ones. Currently, only 15 seconds of Instagram stories are allowed to be posted as a preview and the maximum video length can only be 60 seconds. Most YouTubers used Instagram as a tool for marketing their YouTube handles and generating traffic via Instagram.

Over the course of time vlogging has become a rising trend with more and more people using video logs to document important milestones, some have even made this their form of living, the more subscribers you have, the more you are paid, but it is still not clear how Instagram would pay vloggers per view, whereas YouTube and Facebook do offer a sum of money for viral videos, this is why more and more people are becoming YouTubers, have you heard of the term YouTube celebrity? Well, there are so many of them now in so many genres comedy, horror, documentaries, social activism, everything, you name it a YouTuber is doing it, there are even children’s toys reviews that are so annoyingly addictive.


Instagram has 800 million users and the newly introduced story feature had over 300 million active users, so finding people to produce videos for Instagram shouldn’t be a problem considering they have such a wide number of users to reach out to, in fact vloggers will flock to Instagram with their video’s once the feature is released.


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