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Important Features to be considered in Archive Boxes


Storage or archival boxes are a long-lasting storage solution for your documents. Be it medical records, employee records, monthly bills, photographs, or textiles; you can use these folders to store them. Archive boxes in their earnest have helped us in keeping the track of our essential files in the safest way possible. Archives or historical records are kept by every other business, religious, charity, school, and art organizations. They are kept in special record depots, which are made from high-strength materials such as paperboard, corrugated cardboard, fiberboard, and even metal. They have special cost-effective lock mechanisms to keep the papers inside secure. They come in a variety of customized shapes, designs, and sizes. 

Keeping the important products, papers, collectibles, artworks, and records from getting lost and from environmental factors was a big problem in the old days. But this is not a pain in the neck anymore, since archive packaging boxes are here to save us from the hassle. They are effectively used to move and store the commercial as well as domestic documents. Let us discuss some important features of these robust multipurpose packages in order to better utilize them. 

1. Labelling

Using storage boxes is undoubtedly the best way out to store the documents. But finding the archives after you have stacked them over each other in a random manner is as difficult as solving a Rubik’s cube. So in order to find the documents easily, use the effective method of labeling on custom printed archive boxes. Stack all the documents that come under the same category in one storage box. For instance, for the monthly bills of your building, use a marker, sticky note, or custom sticker to label the box. You can also add a picture related to the content of the package, such as add an artsy picture on the box to stash away all the art pieces. This helps in finding the respective text file without having to open the lid of the package and creating a mess in the room. 

2. Heavy-Duty Packaging

As the archive packages are made to store our important papers for longer periods of time i.e., years or decades, it is essential that they provide durability. They must be made from high-strength and quality materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or fiberboard. Heavy duty cardboard archive boxes in the USA are made of double or triple walls using fluted cardboard sheets. They keep the documents in utmost safety from environmental hazards like heat, pressure, and moisture. It can also be made from long fibred wooden pulp, which keeps it from tearing. Different adhesives like glue, staples, and stitches are used to keep the archival folder from collapsing or opening up on frequent use. 

3. Lockable Storage

Archival storage boxes can be used as movable chests with telescopic handles to easily transport the important legal documents from one place to another. To ensure that nobody has access to the documents other than authorized staff, one can also get a hardware steel record package with a special lock and key mechanism. Another amazing type is the document bag. This bag with shoulder straps is heat resistant and can store a huge amount of papers in it. While for daily office use, custom printed archive boxes with three to four metallic drawers can be used to store all the fancy supplies and papers. All these unique lockable storage packages keep the legal as well as domestic papers highly secure. 

4. High Resistance 

Organizations that want to stockpile their records and official 

papers for a long time must use waterproof or acid-free storage packages. Due to the presence of certain acids, rigid can discolor the documents, photos, or textiles with the passage of time and can deter their quality. This is where the high strength boxes with metallic locks come in handy. They might be a bit expensive, but they serve their purpose best. So investing in them is not a lost cause and only proves to be beneficial. These highly resistant and durable record bins keep the supplies inside from getting lost, manhandling, and other environmental factors. While purchasing any archival box, their resistance must be taken into account. If they are not capable of protecting your papers, then they are not the ones. 

5. Multipurpose Usage

The best thing about custom storage boxes is that they can be used for a wide range of purposes. Other than just putting and securing your formal documents, you can also put your personal items such as magazines, textiles, photographs, cards, or newspapers in them. Companies and individuals can make stock newspapers in acid-free archive boxes in the USA for a number of reasons. File packages with removable or hinged lids can be best used for securing memories in the form of photos. Placed on tables or in the corners, the custom printed elegant record packages give a beautiful storage solution. 

6. Reduced Costs 

One of the striking features of custom archive holders is that they are not much expensive, especially if they are made from cheaper materials such as corrugated cardboard or paperboard. You can purchase custom printed boxes at cheaper rates. They are usually sold in bulk, hence the prices per box reduce. Ultimately decreasing the lump sum shipment costs. In addition, the prices of these custom-tailored storage packages decrease with the decrease in their size and weight. They can be folded down to flat shape for convenient shipment. 

High-grade customized archive boxes are good for storing and transporting significant legal documents and items. With special die cuts, perforation and adhesives used these beautiful depot packages placed on the shelves enhance the appeal of your stored documents. Your legal papers can now be stored, secured, and shipped with much care and ease. 

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