How to Save Time On Acquiring Replacement License Plates

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You have just moved to Pennsylvania, bringing your car with you on the move. You’re excited to start your new life, and you don’t want to deal with any automobile-related headaches. Unfortunately, before you can start driving without worry, you need to renew or replace your vehicle registration. During your daily commutes to work, you run a normal risk of an officer pulling you over. Without a valid license plate for PA, a routine stop could lead you to violations, expensive tickets, and/or unwanted trips to the DMV. 

If you want to handle your Pennsylvania vehicle registration renewal, you can handle most registration questions by going to the DMV. However, dealing with the DMV often requires long waits in line, frustrating service and reading and signing endless bureaucratic paperwork. Given enough time and adequate resources, consider taking advantage of a local inspection service, many of whom are capable of issuing replacement license plates.

Pennsylvania Vehicle Registration Renewal: Options for Sorting Out Your Automobile Paperwork With an Invalid or Old License

When applying for license plate renewals or a new License plate in PA, you should keep in mind a couple of basic PA standards of eligibility. The State of Pennsylvania deems a license plate invalid if it is illegible: in other words, if one or more of the letters or numbers cannot be clearly read from fifty feet away. If an authorized PennDOT representative or law enforcement officer determines your registration plate illegible, PennDOT will replace your plate upon request. If you can ask a local automobile inspection service for an MV-46, you may be able to get a replacement license plate for free.

A few documents will be handy for you in the legal process of replacing an illegible plate. The essential document you need to replace your license plates is the MV-46 sections A, B, and C, although an MV-44 also works (the difference between the two is not immediately clear to a license-and-registration layman like me). The MV-46, likely available at nearby inspection stations or auto tag services, simply certifies that an inspector has deemed your license plate illegible, thus constituting a formal request for a replacement plate. If you can replace your plates via this method, you save money on purchasing a plate as PennDOT thus becomes legally obligated to send you a free plate barring unusual circumstances.

Another Pennsylvania legal update to keep in mind – PennDOT began a “targeted registration license plate re-issuance for older Pennsylvania registration plates that may be weathered, damaged, or unreadable,” according to an official description. In short, owners of older license plates which begin with “D,” “E,” “F,” or “Y” may redeem a free new license plate in PA when their plate becomes updated and transferred to their new vehicle.

Pennsylvania Vehicle Registration Renewal: a Headache That an Auto Tag Service Can Help Alleviate

If you have any questions about Pennsylvania vehicle registration renewal, you can always visit a local automobile services business. Not only can these businesses replace invalid or illegible plates, but many of them also offer vanity plate services for those of vain inclination. Giving a local auto tag or inspection business patronage also offers the benefit of not having to wait in line at the DMV. During the predicament of this pandemic, waiting in line in a crowded room may not be an acceptable option. 

These local automobile registrations businesses offer convenient solutions for replacing your license plate in PA. As long as you bring the basic documentary requirements – your current driver’s license or photo ID, a valid PA insurance card which PennDOT will use for the vehicle you are renewing, the current mileage of this vehicle and a copy of the expired registration, you should be able to handle a registration renewal, duplicate title, name change, expired vehicle registration, address change or duplicate registration card. 

If none of these common scenarios fit one of your current problems, local automobile businesses can also offer solutions for “vintage/antique/classic and collectible” vehicle titles and registrations, salvage or reconstructed vehicle titles, vertical motorcycle registration plates and vehicle registration restorations. If none of these services fit what you are looking for, an automobile service can also file vehicle information or inquiry requests. If you need to handle an invalid or replacement license plate, it may be in your benefit to think local.

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