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How to overcome the fear of moving to a new city


Moving to a new city is quite common nowadays. People move because they found a new job, or they found a new love, or they just want to be closer to their family. Yes, these are all good reasons for moving and we should be looking forward to them. But, unfortunately, most people feel scared and reluctant. If you are one of them, do not worry, being scared of moving is quite normal. Moving is an overwhelming process, and many things can go wrong. However, what people of all ages fear the most, is leaving their comfort zone and leaving everything and everybody they are familiar with. Also, there is that fear of the unknown that everybody struggles with. Luckily, this fear of moving to a new city can be conquered, so if interested, keep on reading to learn how to overcome it.

Build Your Nest

You can start this process of overcoming your fear of moving to a new city by building your nest. This nest should be your sacred place, a place where you feel secure, comfortable and at ease. If possible, try to recreate a room from your old home. It can a bedroom, a living room, or just a small corner of your old home where you used to spend most of your time. Bedrooms are often the easiest to recreate and they are the most private rooms too. Thus, it would be a good idea to recreate that particular room. So, when guys from bluebellmovingandstorage.com come to relocate your belongings, make sure you pack almost everything from that room. Pack your bed and all the other pieces of furniture you had there. And, do not forget to bring your bedding, cushions, picture frames, plants or anything else you had in that room. By creating the same room, with the same features, you will hopefully defeat the fear of moving to a new city and the general fear of the unknown

A bedroom.
Having a room in which you feel comfortable and secure can be a lifesaver.

Stick to Old Habits

Just because you changed the city and the home you live in it does not mean that you should change your life completely. Quite the contrary! The best way to conquer the fear of moving to a new city is to stick to some old habits. It can be just anything you used to do and used to enjoy. Yes, maybe your job and some aspect of your life have changed, but, for instance, you can still continue to get up at the same time and do your identical morning routine in your new city too. Or, if you used to go to the gym, or went running, keep this healthy lifestyle when you settle in as well. If you used to get out every Friday night, find some new friends and do the same. Try to keep and maintain old habits as much as you can. However, many people change their lives upside down and forget who they were previously, and that is when the struggle occurs. Thus, do everything in your power to stick to your old habits, no matter what!

A girl doing yoga as usual because she knows how to overcome the fear of moving to a new city.
Doing yoga or meditating is also very helpful when you struggle with fears and anxiety.

Stay in Touch With Old Friends

The reason why so many people feel scared of moving to a new city is because they are leaving everybody they knew. And, they will start in someplace completely new, completely alone. That is certainly something everybody is afraid of. Thus, to help you ease the transition, you should stay in touch with all your friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors. Yes, NJ professionals can move you anywhere, but you can easily go back to your hometown every once in a while to see your loved ones. However, if your job or your budget does not allow you to travel back and forth all the time, call your friends to come over some weekend. You can also schedule a Skype coffee every Saturday morning with your best friend. You will see that seeing a familiar place, even on a screen, can be of great help. Thus, when you organize a goodbye party, be sure to exchange all the contact information with the people you plan on staying in touch with. 

A woman on a screen during a Skype conversation.
Whenever your best friend and you have even half an hour to spare, prepare some coffee and Skype with each other.


This last thing – socialize, is probably going to be the best thing that will help you overcome the fear of moving to a new place. As previously mentioned, people feel frightened and scared because they are missing their friends and because they are alone. So, the most logical thing is to socialize and find new friends. Maybe, in this new city, you will find some friends for life or even the love of your life. Who knows! But, you will not know until you try. But yes, once you get in certain age, it becomes difficult to meet new people, we know. Do not let that stop you! For instance, you can ask your new colleagues to go for a drink or two after work. Or, you can organize a ‘Get to Know Party’ at your new place. Invite your neighbors and colleagues, prepare some food and drink, and be ready to mingle. As long as you are friendly and polite, everybody will want to be your friend.

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