How to Install Bolon Floors?

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After purchasing your Bolon floor covering, the next step is to install bolon floors. This step may seem difficult if you do not know how. You can entrust the installation of vinyl floors to Artépy professionals or do it yourself.

Installation of vinyl floors

Before explaining to you how the installation of vinyl floors at Artépy works, it is important that you know that each vinyl siding installation depends on the type of support you have in your home. This operation requires compliance with the rules of the NF DTU. For the installation of vinyl floors, it is important to respect certain very precise conditions such as the enclosure and the cover of the work, the respect of a temperature limit, the tightness of the place where the operation will be carried out switching off the heating, etc.

Before you begin installing vinyl flooring, make sure that the specialist (s) we send to you are knowledgeable and know exactly what treatment is required for the type of backing available in your home. However, you may do it yourself. The process remains the same in this case. Now let us get down to the basics.

Before laying vinyl floors, it is necessary to prepare the sub-floor using a leveling coating in order to obtain a good solidity of the floor at which the coating is installed. After preparing the subfloor, you must necessarily check the back and the location of the coating for an ideal installation; do not carry out the operation if the coating has defects which are visible.

Stages to install bolon floors:

To begin with, you need to lay the Bolon floor in a straight line. To be more precise, you can make a path 1.96 m from the wall at Cordex. Then you have to unroll the strip all along the line. You will then notice that an additional 4 cm will protrude from the plinth. After applying acrylic glue correctly (depending on your floor), you can fold back the floor covering and smooth it down with a 50-kilogram roller. With the following width, you must repeat the same operation as with the previous width, not forgetting to draw the line of 1.96 m to obtain a cover of 4 centimeters.

With a ruler, you have to cut both layers simultaneously in order to remove the scraps. Then you can open the two strips, glue the floor and leave to erase. Then fold the two edges together, making sure to join them together. Using a pressure roller, smooth the line of the joint to make it invisible. Make sure that adhesive residue is avoided if you want a flawless result.

After your vinyl floor installation, you must weld the covering with a cold glue within 12 hours or 24 hours after the installation operation. Then, you must center and attach to the joint a strip of adhesive paper suitable for this operation. You can squeeze it well with your hand or with a pressure roller. At the double cut, score the adhesive paper with a sharp rotating disc. Shake the cold solder tube and squeeze the nozzle into the joint deep with your hand.

Slide the tube all the way through the cut and measure the flow rate of the weld with your other hand to make a bead measuring about 5 millimeters on the adhesive strip. Wait 10 minutes, and then remove the adhesive strip. If there is excess glue, do not touch it, it will disappear on its own. Moreover, there you have it; your vinyl flooring installation is complete. To be sure, not to damage it, wait 72 hours before any passage.

Maintaining Bolon floors

After laying your floor, you now need to think about maintenance. Do not worry! Bolon brand vinyl floors are very easy to maintain. Therefore, you need to avoid strongly alkaline items and solvents, which are very strong, as they could really damage your flooring. If you are going to do this anyway for whatever reason, consider using very low dosage products.

Immediately after the installation operation, you can proceed to a complete dusting in order to eliminate all impurities due to the work. For regular maintenance, a vacuum cleaner or a sweep is more than enough. If you want to clean it thoroughly, you can wash it in hot water using a scrubber.

Whether forth installation of vinyl floors or for the maintenance of your coating, you can trust Artépy if you do not want to take care of it.

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