How to Customize your Eyelash Box Packaging?

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Eyelash box packaging is the first and last thing your customers will remember once they made the purchase. But if you haven’t invested in quality eyelash boxes, it would be hard to elevate your customer’s experience. Today, the packaging is the center of attraction, not just for brands but also for customers too. This bonds you to encase your eyelashes in a unique packaging solution that customers will remember for a very long time and encourage them to return for the purchase of new arrivals. 

A thoughtfully wrapped package will depict that the encased lashes have been handled with utmost care. So, where do you begin your journey from when it comes to packaging eyelash extensions? Here are a few attributes you should bear in mind when creating custom eyelash boxes for your business.

Make it an Unforgettable Affair

There is so much joy that comes from unboxing your order, even when you know what the packaging contains. Prolonging this experience means you are ensuring the buyer is enjoying the packaging for a little bit longer. To stretch the engagement time span, you can add an extra layer of packaging to your wrapping process. It could be an extra packaging layer, tissue paper, or a secondary packaging box that will turn your bespoke eyelash box packaging into an experience and make the buyer long for more.  

Make your Eyelash Box Packaging Unique

Just the way your customers can instantly recognize your false eyelashes, make sure they can recognize your eyelash box packaging from afar. Adding your brand logo and colors is a perfect way to make your packages memorable for future purchases. Artful typography is another way to make your packaging resonate with the target audience and ensure they identify your eyelashes and packaging right away.

Think Beyond the Obvious

Eyelash packaging box design doesn’t always have to be limited to certain designs and sizes. Don’t be afraid to embrace an unusual shape or size. Experiment a bit to come up with some unique and creative custom eyelash boxes that defy your industry’s norms. If you are short on ideas, get in touch with The Legacy Printing. Else, you can find inspiration from some of the most unusual places. Ever thought of using a Kraft box with a window to host your cosmetic items? They will allow your customers to get a sneak peek of the encased product and be confident about their purchase.

Leave Your Customers a Reminder

Sliding the business card in your custom eyelash packaging means you are leaving a reminder for your customers. It will prove handy when they’ll be ready to make another purchase. The trick can work wonders for novel brands because they would want to ensure that their customers know where to find them the next time they like to pick up eyelashes for themselves or their loved ones.  

Offer your Buyers Extra Incentive

Once you are all set to transform your creative eyelash box packaging ideas into practice after getting hold of the final design, there is another thing you could add to your packaging—discount code. Offering your customers discount on their next purchase is the most simple but effective way to make them step back into your cosmetic store. But what if you cannot afford to offer a discount on your current offerings? Add a thank you card to give it a personal touch. If possible, try to address the recipient with their first name. It’s a superb way to personalize the experience and make the customers feel special. Adding a personal touch is just a thing you need to make your buyers choose your brand over others.  

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