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How to better understand NYC moving company reviews


For most people, the first place to look when searching for any kind of service provider is the internet. It is a great thing that, nowadays, we can read what thousands of customers think about a certain company before using its services. Online reviews make our decision a lot easier. If you are moving to or out of New York City, some of the services you’ll need are relocation services. In order to ensure a successful move, you’ll need to read quite a few moving company reviews. We hope this brief guide helps you better understand NYC moving company reviews and find the right mover.

Why is reading NYC moving company reviews important?

When moving home or office, you need a company that provides the kind of moving assistance you need, in addition to being honest. By reading NYC moving company reviews, you can compare different movers. Honest reviews will tell you how reliable and affordable a company really is. For example, you’ll learn how professional Big Apple Movers Brooklyn NYC are, what their employees are like in person, how punctual and careful they are with their customers’ belongings, etc. This is the kind of information you cannot get on their website.

The bad news is that customers rarely take the time to write a review unless they’ve had an exceptionally good or bad experience with the company they hired. Therefore, it is important to take every comment with a pinch of salt when choosing legit local professionals for your move.

Two thumbs up.
NYC movers’ reviews can help a lot, but they can be deceiving, too.

Visit reliable review websites

By visiting trustworthy sites, you can find out whether any complaints were filed against a company and how they were resolved. Moreover, reputable review sites have policies to eliminate dishonest reviews and help you choose the best mover. Better Business Bureau is one of those sites. Yelp will also hide suspicious reviews. On social media sites, on the other hand, people can post pretty much anything. When wondering which review website to choose, check their policies on reviews. In case there are none, you are likely to come across a fake review.

Understanding fake NYC moving company reviews

It all seems very easy: just read many reviews and hire the company with the most positive feedback. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple. There are many dishonest NYC movers who post fake reviews to improve their online reputation or harm someone else’s. Some even pay people to write fake online reviews.

A person using a laptop to write fake NYC moving company reviews.
Fake NYC moving company reviews try to cover up unprofessionalism.

The following signs should raise suspicion

  • Multiple reviews published almost at the same time;
  • Multiple reviews that sound similar;
  • The reviewers’ profile page has no profile picture nor history of other reviews;
  • Overly positive reviews;
  • Overly negative reviews;
  • Too general or overly descriptive reviews;
  • The name of the company is repeated several times;
  • NYC moving company reviews containing odd, unnatural language.

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